Make the Most of Your Handshake

I have written about handshakes in past blog posts. However, occasionally clients ask me questions about how to make the most of your handshake. Next time you shake hands consider the following: 

  • When shaking hands in western society the hands should be parallel and hands should be clasped web to web. This isn’t the case with all cultures, so it is important to be understanding. 
  • If you have small hands and want to make your hand seem more substantial when shaking hands, separate your index and middle fingers slightly with extending your hand for a handshake. 
  • If you wear rings on your right hand when shaking hands, you may hurt the other person if you clasp their hand too tightly. This is the same when shaking hands with someone wearing a ring.  
  • When seated, always stand to shake hands. This will bring both parties closer to the same level and both will feel more comfortable.

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