How to Look Great in Pleated Trousers!

Yes plain front trousers are still modern and look great on most men. However there is nothing like well tailored pleated trousers to add the look of classic sophistication to a man’s wardrobe… even without a jacket. Unfortunately because many men have no idea how to wear them properly, they end up looking frumpy!

So how should they be worn? Try the following:

  • Wear them at the waist (near the navel) not the hip.
  • The crease runs down the front of the leg from the pleat
  • Pleated trousers should always be worn with the shirt tucked in
  • Wear pleated trousers with a cuff for added sophistication
  • They are hemmed at the heel in the back and long enough for a slight break in the front
  • Pleats and pocket should never pull

2 thoughts on “How to Look Great in Pleated Trousers!”

  1. Hi Kim,

    Good tips. Is it me or has the overall old fashioned classic business look is going out of style? I keep noticing more and more young people in the business environment with tattoos and facial piercings….that is beside the fact that I think the overall benchmark for business dress has been significantly lowered. May be I am being too critical.
    What you think?

  2. Hi Gary,
    I do agree that the benchmark has changed. Business dress became extremely casual during the 1990’s and since the early 2000’s companies have been scrambling to bring the standards back up without coming across overly stuffy or conservative. For a lot of companies finding the balance is still a challenge. The good news is that most companies are again seeing the benefit of having employees present themselves in a way that is in line with the company brand. It creates a lot more credibility, differentiates and adds status to the company in the eyes of the client… and the public. The classic business look represents authority, credibility and leadership…the classic business look should never be considered unfavourable.

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