How to Choose Your Stocking or Sock Colour

Many of my clients ask me how to choose socks and stockings and the answer is that as the trends change the answer may be different. However, if your goal is for a coordinated look, a classic look or you want your legs to look longer there are some rules:

For a classic men’s wear look socks should be toned to the hemline of the pants. For an even more coordinated look ideally the socks will have a subtle pattern that will coordinate the pant colour and the shoe colour.

To make your legs look longer, tone socks or stockings to the colour of your pant or skirt hemline. This will make the legs look like a column of colour and elongate them.

Stockings can also be toned to the colour of your shoes. This will coordinate the stockings with the shoes. This works best when you are wearing an accessory such as a scarf or another garment in your stocking colour to draw attention towards your face and create more harmony.

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