Hat Etiquette

It’s not just baseball caps anymore… This season hats are hot. They are everywhere and they come in every style for both men and women. Recently clients have asked questions about hat etiquette. So here are a few tips:

In the past when hats were popular there was a distinction between men’s and women’s hats. And each had its own rules of etiquette.

Traditionally men would tip their hats to say hello and they would always be taken off indoors and / or before sitting down at the table to eat.

Women’s hats were considered part of their outfit. They were pinned into their hair so they would stay in place during the day. When socializing inside they would keep their hat on as an accessory, even at the dining table.

These days, hats are worn for function and fashion. As women have adopted men’s hat styles as their own, the line for gender specific hats and etiquette has become grey.

For men the rule remains the same. Please remove your hat or cap when coming inside and always before sitting down at the dining table.

Women should remove their hat if it is for function or if it is a traditional men’s style hat or cap. If the hat has feminine details and forms part of an outfit it may be worn as an inside accessory.

This Hanukah, Christmas and New Year show respect to your family and friends with Hat Etiquette…

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