De-clutter Keepsakes from Your Closet

Many of you have probably heard that you should get rid of any clothing items that haven’t been worn for a year. And as a rule, I agree that cluttering your closet with clothing you will never wear, is a waste of space. However, what about the prom dress hanging in your closet; or the classic black dress pants that are just a little bit snug? I can see merit in keeping things under these circumstances:

If you have had a slight weight fluctuation and you KNOW you will wear the garment during the next appropriate season because it is a flattering style & colour and it fits into your lifestyle. Keep it!

If the garment holds sentimental value for you and you can’t bare to part with it. Keep it!

These clothing pieces deserve special attention. Remove them from your closet and store them separately. This will help to de-clutter your closet and finding something to wear in the morning much easier.

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