Congratulations on your enrollment into the Personal Impact- Train-the-Trainer Self-Study Learning & Mentorship program.

This distance learning self-study program provides tools that will help prepare you to work as an independent Corporate Etiquette trainer specializing in areas of Professional Appearance, Business Behaviour and Dining Etiquette based on North American and internationally accepted Western business standards. All training is based on requirements for the IITTI Level 1 Certification Exam, through the Institute of Image Training and Testing International (www.iitti.org).


The Institute of Image Training & Testing International www.iitti.org is an international non-profit organization dedicated to global business etiquette standardization.
IITTI (pronounced “ET”) is a standardized, independent testing system for business image and etiquette. The IITTI certification serves as the ‘ISO’ system for corporate image and etiquette standards worldwide. It provides a uniform way for employers and job seekers to measure soft skills that are critical to business success.
International business etiquette is a key component to being successful in today’s highly competitive global environment.

If you are planning to incorporate IITTI certification into your business model as a business tool to use with your clients, we recommend familiarizing yourself the IITTI website and the documents found in the following sections:

Trainers: http://www.iitti.org/forSchools/whoFor.htm
Employers: http://www.iitti.org/forEmployers/whatCanWeExpect.htm
Students: http://www.iitti.org/forStudents/whoWouldAccept.htm


Through self-study of the course materials, assignments and bi-weekly Skype (feedback and mentorship) calls, for the duration of the course, you will learn the theory and the how-to’s to create your own dynamic seminars. This program also includes ongoing mentorship with Kimberly Law, for a full calendar year from the program start date. Upon login to the course you will have access to the following materials for each program module:

1. Video Lectures – Professional appearance content, corporate lecture demonstration

2. Downloadable Study Guide – Educational materials, sample PPT presentation, exercises, resources, etc.

3. Practice Quiz – Self-administered


Please keep your login information in a safe place that is private & secure place. This login is for you the registered student access only. It may not be shared without permission of Personal Impact International.


Calls will be conducted with Kimberly Law via Skype. You will be contacted shortly with a call schedule and additional information about the ‘Corporate Trainers Toolkit’.

Please confirm Kimberly Law is included in your Skype contact list prior to your first scheduled call.

Skype: kimberly.law
Mobile/ Whatapp: 1-604-626-3907
Email: kim@personalimpact.ca
Office: 1-604-298-7228
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact at kim@personalimpact.ca

Kimberly Law, AICI CIP
Personal Impact International

Kimberly Law AICI, CIP

Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)

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Founding Director of

Institute of Image Training & Testing International (IITTI)


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