Wardrobe Planning to Suit Your Lifestyle

As an image consultant my clients often come to me to learn what clothing styles and colours suit them. This is something we determine through analysis of the client. And yes it is very important. However, since the true purpose of clothing is to protect and cover our bodies, what we do in our clothing also needs to be considered when helping my clients select the most suitable clothing. For those of you who stare into your closet and think, “I wish I had something to wear”, get a pen and paper and jot down the activities that you do most often; the purpose of these activities and the message or impression you would like to convey during this time. Think of descriptive words like: serious, credible, fun, active, stylish, sensual or any other words that come into your mind that will help set the tone for your clothing and accessory needs. Clothing and accessory styles that are functional for the activity and create the right message should make up at least 75% your wardrobe. Use this list to when shopping for clothing and accessories to help you make the most of your closet.

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