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International Business Etiquette is a combination of corporate soft skills that has created a demand for expertise in the areas of training and guidance in the corporate and education sectors.
This tool kit has been developed for Corporate Image/Etiquette Trainers who wish to train based on the IITTI Standard and/or prepare their clients to sit for the IITTI Level 1 Certification Exam.


The Institute of Image Training & Testing International ( is an international non-profit organization dedicated to global business etiquette standardization.IITTI (pronounced “ET”) is a standardized, independent testing system for business image and etiquette. The IITTI certification serves as the ‘ISO’ system for corporate image and etiquette standards worldwide. It provides a uniform way for employers and job seekers to measure business etiquette soft skills that are critical to business success.International business etiquette is a key component to being successful in today’s highly competitive global environment.


As a trainer, chances are you have taken required business etiquette ‘trainer training’ and have the skill set necessary to train your clients in the three areas of business etiquette – Professional Appearance, Behaviour/Communication, Dining Etiquette.
However, we live in a busy world. Our clients are busy! We are busy!
More and more often our clients are demanding more from us, in less time, and with less financial resources. Unfortunately this means that we as trainers have less time than we feel we ideally require to effectively train our clients to meet the IITTI business etiquette training requirements, nor to confidently prepare clients to sit for the IITTI Exam.
As consultants, we wear every hat! With everything you need to do to start a business, grow your business and keep your business going, you may not have the time, experience or interest to develop the supplemental training tools that our time-starved clients need in order to meet their training requirements and prepare them to sit for the IITTI exam.
Hence, the ‘Corporate Trainers Tool Kit’. Our goal is to make it easier for you, the trainer, to prepare for your training programs and effectively train your clients in limited time. All our training materials, present and future, adhere to the ‘IITTI International Standard’.


Through an annual subscription, the Corporate Trainers Tool Kit provides an online community facilitated by Kimberly Law, AICI CIP. The purpose of the Tool Kit is to assist in taking your IITTI training programs to the next level by providing mentorship, optional training materials and resources at discounted prices, and becoming part of a community with business etiquette trainers around the world advocating the IITTI International Standard.


Monthly Community Skype Calls
Join monthly community mentorship calls with Kimberly Law, AICI CIP for the duration of your Tool Kit subscription – share ideas, get questions answered, strengthen your corporate training skills and get feedback.

Discount Training Materials
Your annual subscription will also include steep discounts on all IITTI Level 1 (electronic) Study Guides and future training materials. It will also provide reprint licencing options for those who prefer paper.

Currently, our training materials include: Personal Impact Guides to IITTI Level 1 Standard:

Updates on Training Materials
Our goal is to keep our study guides and other training materials current and increasingly more sophisticated. We look forward to hearing your suggestions on how to improve the training materials to meet your business needs and the needs of your clients.

Annual Subscription Fee: $150 US

Please note: Fees and services offered are subject to change without notice. Annual subscribers are protected from price increases for the duration of their uninterrupted subscription.

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