The Wrong Underwear

You know, we have all seen it… the sagging or bumpy breasts, jiggling rear ends and the underwear straps that show. These are all examples of the wrong underwear. Although, the wrong undergarments will sabotage your image in any situation, it is even more of an issue at work. Why? If the desired focus is your product or service and you want to appear credible in your presentation of that product or service, then the focus should be on that product or service. The wrong underwear is not only distracting, it can make others uncomfortable. In other words, when at work, do you want people to be thinking about your underwear or what a great job you and your company can do for them? The right underwear will keep everything in place and help keep attention focused on what’s important at the time. Your silhouette will appear smoother and you will look slimmer.

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