The Canadian Way to Exchange Business Cards

As Canadians, we tend to adopt the customs of other cultures. And when it comes to the business card exchange it is no different. There are two ways that we Canadians exchange business cards the Japanese way and the European way. 

The Japanese / Asian business exchange is universally considered to be the most formal. The business card is held with both hands on the top corners of the card. Thumbs on top. The card is received the same way holding the business card on the bottom corners. 

The European business card exchange formula is considered a little less formal from a global perspective. However, it is still considered correct and many Canadians prefer it over the Japanese method. The business card is held in your right hand with your thumb on the top left corner of the card. Receive the business card with the right hand on the bottom right corner of the card. 

Either way, take a moment to look at the card before putting it away.

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