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Look Gorgeous in Red on Valentines Day

As an image consultant clients ask me… what is a sure-fire way to look gorgeous? The challenge is that there are so many answers to this question. And there are so many little things that make a big difference. However, if I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would say “Wear colours that flatter you!”

This Valentines day, if you are in the mood for red, wear your best red. The easiest way to determine if crimson, ruby, scarlet, wine, russet or rose is your best red is to take the pinch test. Pinch your finger tip or earlobe to see what your natural blush colour or blood-tone is like. Then choose your red in the same colour family and if possible the same intensity. Choosing the right red will make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and when you blush… you will look gorgeous!

How to Dress in Contrasting Colour Schemes

Clothing worn in contrasting colours combinations can appear very strong and sometimes hard on the eyes. An example of this would be dressing in a wardrobe combination of true violet and true yellow. Although this example contains complementary colours which are across from each other on a colour wheel, contrasting colour schemes are a combination of 2 or more colours that are on opposing sides of the colour wheel.

When wearing contrasting colours they tend to look best when worn in different intensities and example of this would be dressing in one dark; one light and one bright colour. This will draw attention to the brightest colour and the rest will complement that colour in the background.

A less dramatic version of this colour scheme is when the colours are all muted. Muted colours are more restful to the eye and appear more harmonious. In these wardrobe combinations they are also easier for most of us to wear and feel confident in.