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How to Get the Most from Your Fragrance by Kimberly Law, President, Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)

This past summer I had the opportunity to vacation in Italy. Upon our arrival, one of the first things my friend said to me was, “smell the flowers.” I remember, at that moment breathing in the wonderful scent of Jasmine. Those of you who have been to southern Italy know what I am talking about.

It has been suggested that the sense of smell is the most powerful of all five human senses. It affects every aspect of our lives. Fragrance has been used throughout history as a way to influence the mind and the body. Although the use of fragrance is considered more acceptable in some countries and regions than others, over time it has become an important ingredient in our grooming products and many other consumer products that we use every day.

However, is it too much of a good thing? Wearing perfume, fragranced body lotion, fragranced hair styling products and fragranced deodorant, all at the same time, compete with each other and can be overwhelming to others. In in an effort to combat allergies and the overwhelming effect of too much fragrance, many public places in Canada, US and other countries of the world are becoming ‘Scent Free’.

When you wear fragrance, one way to be considerate of others is to appreciate that a little goes a long way. One way to tell if you have applied too much is by how much you notice it on yourself over time. Because you become immune to its odour, if you can smell it on yourself 30 minutes after application, you’ve applied too much. For more sparing application, try the following:

  • Apply on pulse points only
  • Spray fragrance into the air, then walk through it
  • Use body splashes or lotions that are less concentrated
  • Apply less – more often

Using less fragrance will save you money by making the bottle last longer. Another way to get the most out of your expensive eau de toilette is by exchanging some of your fragranced grooming products for fragrance-free grooming products.

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Airplane Boarding Etiquette

Over the past few years I have travelled by airplane for both business and pleasure and must say I have seen some of the best and worst behavior amongst the passengers. Before boarding or off-boarding your next flight use the following tips to show your consideration.

  • Boarding and off-boarding the airplane is no different than lining up for anything else. Wait your turn.
  • If you don’t have priority boarding, respect those who do. Wait for your seat row to be called for boarding and don’t push in front of others.
  • The same thing goes when leaving the airplane, Leave the plane in order of seating front to back. Allow those in front of you to exit first. Don’t shove and push your way to the front.
  • If you know it will take you longer to off-board due to carry-on luggage, small children or health issues. Wait in your seat to let others who are in a hurry leave the airplane first.

By waiting your turn and considering others, getting on and off the airplane will be more efficient and less frustrating for everyone. For more on travel etiquette see – How to Make Airplane Odors More Bearable

How To Make Airplane Odors More Bearable

Unless you are traveling first class, the term personal space unfortunately does not apply on an airplane. Being in close contact with others over a long period of time can be unbearable, especially when unsatisfactory odors accompany them.  Here are three odors to consider before boarding an airplane:

  • With many airlines opting out of providing a meal for their passengers many of us bring food onto the plane to eat during our flight. When deciding what to bring consider your neighbours. While strong smelling foods may be appealing to you, they may not be appealing to the person sitting next to you. Whenever possible, choose food items with more subtle odors or odors that don’t linger.
  • Body odor is not only social killer; it can make the person sitting next to you on the airplane feel ill. Although it can be caused by lack of hygiene or dental care it is often as result of diet, health issues, smoking, or just too many hours cooped up on an airplane. Before leaving for the airport, take the time to take a shower. Brush your teeth before boarding the airplane and don’t forget to floss and gargle.
  • It may be your favourite fragrance, but it doesn’t mean those around you will appreciate it like you do. Many people are allergic to fragrance; many people are sensitive to fragrance; and many people just don’t like the smell of additional fragrance. Before you leave for the airport consider those who will be near you and apply your fragrance subtly or not at all.  Check out my blog post on Travel Packing Made Easy for more tips.

7 Reasons to Strategically Colour Your Wardrobe

Last year for Valentine’s Day, I wrote a post called “Look Gorgeous in Red on Valentine’s Day”.

Wearing colours that suit you will instantly make you look healthier and more attractive. As an image consultant, determining the most flattering colour qualities for my client, is one of the first things I like to focus on when we work together. Why, you ask??

  1. Easier shopping for clothing and make-up
  2. Mistake proof clothing colour coordination colour wheel
  3. Faster dressing at home
  4. Easier packing when traveling

These are all great reasons. But the reasons my clients tell me they are happy they know their best colour qualities are:

  1. Avoid mistakes!
  2. Save money!
  3. Sparkle!

13 Packing Tips to Make Unpacking Easier

Looking great, while living out of a suitcase, is definitely not easy. You will find that your clothing tends to wrinkle and it is usually impossible to pack enough outfits to wear without having to find a Laundromat if your trip is more than a few days. For many women and men, deciding what to pack to look good while traveling is a huge challenge.

Below you will find tips for packing to look great while you travel. Follow these tips and you won’t have to lug three suitcases with you. Looking great while on the road does not have to be difficult at all.

Avoid Pure Cotton
Cotton wrinkles rapidly and it is probably one of the worst fabrics to pack when traveling. Instead, look for clothing that is either supposed to be wrinkled (think crinkle fabric) or that is wrinkle-resistant. There are several brands of clothing that are specially designed not to need ironing and these work very well for travel.

Use Accessories to Dress up or Down
As I mentioned in my previous post, ‘Packing Light for the Stylish Traveller’, before by changing accessories you can take an outfit from one activity to another or change your look from daytime to evening. Save space by packing basic clothing styles in neutral colours. Using accessories is an easy way to alter your appearance.

Give it a Roll
A good way to pack your clothing is to roll it, rather than fold it. Roll garments in tissue, plastic or a thin towel if they are likely to wrinkle. This helps to eliminate lines and creases and helps keep clothes nice and smooth.

Keep Garments looking Great with Plastic
Covering garments in a clear plastic dry cleaning bag before hanging them in a garment bag will help to prevent wrinkling.

Roll ties and belts.
This will stop them from getting crushed during transport.

Fill the Gaps
Socks and underwear can be stuffed into shoes. This will save space while keeping your shoes from getting crushed. These items can also fill in gaps around bigger items and prevent them from moving around.

Use Space Saver Bags
This idea works well for wrinkle free fabrics. By removing the air you will get a lot more into your suitcase. Test the fabric of your garment before you try this unless you are planning to bring an iron.

Use Travel Sizes
By transferring toiletries into travel size containers you will save space and weight in you suitcase.

Limit the Shoes
Shoes weigh a lot and take up precious space. Limit your shoes to neutrals and metallic’s. They will be easier to coordinate with your clothing. Stick to comfortable, basic styles that can be worn for different kinds of activities.

Protect with Plastic
When travelling use plastic bags to protect your clothing from your shoes and toiletries. Ziploc bags work particularly well and keep your items sealed and visible. Use a kitchen garbage bag for dirty laundry.

Leave the Blow-Dryer at Home
Most hotels and resorts now have blow-dryers in the rooms. Check ahead to be sure.

Swap Clothing
No I don’t mean share clothing, although if you have laundry facilities, the idea does have possibilities. What I mean is, if you are travelling with family pack an outfit in each others’ suitcase. If swapping clothes is not an option, carry-on a complete outfit.  Just in case you and your luggage don’t arrive together.

Unpack Immediately
When you arrive, unpack immediately and hang up hanging garments. If they are wrinkled, hang them in a steamy bathroom for a short while and then let them cool in a closet.

If you have a packing tip or any questions about packing for travel, I would love to hear from you.

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Packing Light for the Stylish Traveller

For business or pleasure travelling can be exciting and adventurous. However, packing to suit all possible situations can be tricky; especially now with weight and carry on restrictions. This can make packing and travel frustrating, even for the experienced traveller. As an Image Consultant,  I have found that these packing tips help my clients lighten their load and maintain their style.

Choose a Color Palette
Pick two main wardrobe colors.  At least one of your two main colors should be a neutral: black, brown, taupe, tan, or navy. While white is a great neutral, especially for summer, it may not be the best choice for travel because it gets dirty so quickly. All of your basic clothing pieces should be one of the two main colors. Next choose one accent colour that can be worn with either of the two main wardrobe colours. This way all of the clothing in your suitcase can be mixed and matched to look great together.

Stick to Three Pairs of Shoes
A casual pair of shoes, such as sneakers that are comfortable for walking is a good idea if you plan to go sightseeing. Dress shoes in a basic style are ideal for business or a dinner out with friends or family. If you are near the beach or plan to enjoy some warm weather, sandals can look nice and still let your feet breathe. There really should be no need for more pairs of shoes. If you go with neutral colors that coordinate with your basic wardrobe colours, the three pairs that you bring will match anything in your travel wardrobe.

Pack Lots of Accessories
Ties, scarves, earrings, necklaces and belts take up very little room in your suitcase, yet can change your look in seconds. For women, a pair of dangly earrings will dress up a basic shirt or blouse for daytime. A set of pearl earrings and choker turn that same blouse into the perfect evening wear. Bring a couple of different belts and scarves as well, since these can dramatically change how an outfit looks on you. Men can instantly change the look of an outfit by adding, removing or changing a tie. Sunglasses are also an important accessory to pack, particularly if your eyes tend to look a little dark after a long trip.

Go Reversible
Reversible clothing is a great option for traveling. It gives you twice the look without taking up extra space. Jackets, skirts and shorts are ideal for this type of treatment. Using a reversible bag lets you have two looks in one, as well. When purchasing reversible clothes make sure both colors and, of course, the overall style is flattering to your colouring and body shape.

Bring Sample Sizes
Instead of bringing full sized toiletries and cosmetic items, transfer small amounts into travel containers. Travelling is also a great opportunity to use those ‘Gift with Purchases’ and cosmetic samples that may be accumulating in your bathroom vanity. This will save space in your luggage, and lighten your load while travelling.

Follow these tips before your next trip and you will be sure to look stylish wherever you travel.

How to Pack to Look Great While Travelling

For many men and women, vacation packing consists of throwing shorts, t-shirts and a couple of bathing suits into a suitcase. However, this can get you into trouble when something unexpected comes up that requires a bit more finesse. Before you travel for work or pleasure, ask yourself a few simple questions. The answers will guide you towards packing right for every occasion.

Where are you going?
I know this may seem redundant (of course you know where you are going). But the reality is, often we don’t really think this through prior to travel. Even if we are spending all of our time at a resort and your objective is to relax, often there are dress codes for restaurants, golf courses and local attractions. Research the local customs and resort expectations ahead of time to learn about the do’s and taboos.

What is the climate like?
Different climates require different fabrics for comfort. Does the temperature change or remain fairly constant? If the temperature changes during the day or at night, layers can add warmth and allow you to add and remove as needed. If the climate is humid natural fibres and looser silhouettes will help keep you cool. Keep synthetics such as fleece for dryer and moderate climates unless they are guaranteed to breath.

Who are you traveling with?
Children, friends and family may have different ideas about the ideal travelling wardrobe. Dressing out of sync with your travel party can leave you and others feeling unprepared and uncomfortable. Know who you are likely to spend time with while travelling and how they intend to dress before you leave home.

How are you getting there?
Is it a boat, a plane, or a car? Different modes of travel require different clothing, different packing requirements and volume restrictions. This can weigh heavily on how much and what you pack. Consider carefully the comfort, convenience and speed of travel. Keep toiletries and a change of clothes handy for easy access… just in case.

How long will you be there?
Short trips have their advantages because you can usually pack enough without being concerned about laundry and dry-cleaning. However, for longer trips you need to determine ahead of time how this will be handled. Although some hotels and resorts provide laundry facilities or service, many do not. Decide in advance how you will keep your clothing fresh and clean.

Once you know the answers to these questions, pack accordingly. This will help to keep your vacation or business travel stress-free and more enjoyable.

View our next post for tips on how to pack light and still look stylish!