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Four Reasons to Wear a Neck Tie

Many men hate the thought of putting on a neck tie and for many reasons. Some men hate the thought of wearing a tie because they feel they are uncomfortable; some men say they feel too dressed up when wearing a tie; and some men don’t know how to tie a tie-knot. If this is your only reason please see my YouTube videos below on how to tie various tie knots.

How to Tie the 4-in-Hand
How to Tie the Half Windsor
How to tie the Full Windsor

How to Tie the Pratt or Shelby Knot

Here are four reasons why you should wear a tie:

  1. Neck ties complete an outfit and make it look more finished.
  2. You will appear taller and slimmer when wearing a tie.
  3. When worn in a colour that suits you, ties make you look more healthy and attractive.
  4. You appear more credible and authoritative when wearing a tie then when you don’t.

Start with a Strong Foundation when Getting Dressed

With the holiday party season arriving, we are likely to be dressed up more often. But, no matter what outfit you are wearing, be sure to start with figure-enhancing underwear. If forms the foundation for the garments worn on top, so it is really important to choose the right size and the right style. Instead of bumps and bulges, go for smooth lines. They will automatically make you look slimmer and your torso will look taller.  Smooth lines make your clothing hang better and look more expensive. It also helps to keep the eyes away from your liabilities, so they can focus on your assets. There are so many options available these days and the right bra, slip, pantyhose or even a comfortable shaper can make a huge difference.