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Body Balancing Holiday Party Dresses By Kimberly Law, AICI CIP Image Expert

These dresses can help to balance shoulders and hips. The right shoulder details and neckline details can make the shoulders appear wider. This will help balance a women’s pear shaped figure, slimming the waistline and making the hips look smaller. For those women who want their shoulders to appear narrower or their hips to appear wider skirt details that add fullness will help. To illustrate this, here is a comparison. Try one of these body balancing dress styles for your New Year’s Eve Party!

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Subtract Inches and Add Curves with These Party Dresses By Kimberly Law, AICI CIP Image Expert

Whether it is the company Christmas party, New Years Eve party or other social functions that we attend during the Holiday Season, for many of us, this is also the time of year we hunt for the perfect holiday party dress. Unfortunately as we age, the hunt becomes more and more challenging. Yes midlife, that time when no matter what we weigh our waistlines become bigger. Here are some party dresses that slim the waist, add curves where you want them and are perfect dresses for holiday parties!

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Waist Slimming Party Dresses By Kimberly Law, AICI CIP Image Expert

This morning I was going through my closet and found some party dresses that I hadn’t worn for a while. Remembering them fondly, I pulled them out and tried them on. “Ugh! What happened? Did they change or did I? They are still beautiful dresses. I still weigh roughly the same. But the fit?!” With a deep sigh, I hung them back up in the closet. “I guess that means more sit-ups…grr.” Ah yes, midlife. No matter how well we take care of ourselves our waistlines do get bigger.  If you are like me and want to make your waistline look smaller this comparison may help.

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How to Make Your Feet Look Slimmer or Wider by Kimberly Law, Certified Image Consultant

The shoes you wear can have a major effect on how slim or wide your feet look. The trick is the simpler the shoe and the more front to back details like a long opening or (vamp),  the slimmer your feet will look. To widen your feet  add extra colours, details, texture and horizontal lines like a square toe.

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Do Maxi Skirts Work for Work?

This season we are again seeing the new longer ankle length hemline on skirts, called the ‘Maxi’. Many of my clients are asking whether this skirt or dress style is appropriate to wear to work.

This is an interesting question. As image consultants we tell our clients to cover their skin, when dressing for work. And this skirt style definitely covers skin. However, the other thing to consider when dressing for business is, whether your clothing is distracting. Unfortunately the ‘Maxi’s’ falls into the category of distracting, as well. And because of this, it isn’t suited to the work place.

Why, you ask? If the clothing draws attention to itself, it also draws attention to your personality. This can draw attention away from your purpose and what you are trying to convey.

Shed Some Light on Your Best Features

One way to make your best features stand-out is by wearing lighter colours in that area. Light colours reflect light and draw attention to that area. This will accentuate the area and make it appear more prominent…especially when a darker piece of clothing is worn next to it.

How to Look Slimmer in Your Warm Colour Palette

In my previous blog post, “Heavy or Slim…Not as Simple as Black or White!’, I talked about the effects of various colour qualities and how you don’t need to stick to neutrals like black or white in order to look slimmer or balance your body shape. Since then I have had questions from clients about what to do if you want to look slimmer but don’t suit cool colours.

One thing to consider is that there are so many variations of colour that can go into the mix. There is usually one colour quality in the mix that will suit your colouring and have a slimming affect. For example: if you look great in warm colours but also want to look slimmer, you may also look great in muted colours or dark colours, which will make you look slimmer. By taking advantage of these slimming colour qualities you can look slimmer and look great in your warm wardrobe colours.

Heavy or Slim…Not as Simple as Black or White!

We have all heard the rumour black makes us look slimmer and white makes us look heavier. But there are other ways to create similar effects without limiting your wardrobe to black or white.

Any dark colour will have a slimming affect. So why limit yourself to black? Clothing in lighter colours has the opposite affect. Light colours reflect light which causes an area to appear larger.

Clothing in muted colours has a similar effect to black. Because they absorb light they will have a slimming affect. Bright colours like white reflect light and will make an area appear larger. This will have a similar effect in clothing.

Clothing from the cool side of the colour wheel also has a receding or slimming effect. If cool colours suit your colouring you have an advantage if you want to look slimmer. Warm coloured clothing will make the area appear bigger.

How to Make Your Neck Look Longer and Slimmer

Most women I have talked with love the idea of having a long graceful looking neck. Unfortunately many women feel their neck is too short or too heavy. If you want your neck to look longer, and I might add… slimmer looking, try the following tricks:

The lower your neckline, the longer your neck will appear. The longer it appears the slimmer your neck will automatically appear as well. Incorporating long vertical or diagonal lines near your face, neck and décolletage in the form of a neckline, collar or accessories will visually make your neck look longer.

Here are a few suggestions: Try collars and necklines such as V-necks, sweetheart necklines and U-necks will give the illusion of a longer, slimmer neck.

Accessories can also visually lengthen the neck and make it appear more slender. Try necklaces that fall below the collarbone, long pendants or medium sized earrings that hang vertically.

How to Make Your Bust Look Smaller!

Yes, we women come in all shapes and sizes. I was recently on a plane to Raleigh, North Carolina and there was a woman sitting beside me. She was close to my age, petite like me and she even had short hair like I do. However, there was one really obvious difference… unlike me, she had a slim hourglass figure with a well proportioned bust (or so I thought). I have to admit, at that moment… I was really jealous. We started chatting for a while about our businesses and then she got up to go to the bathroom. As she got up, she looked down at her chest and said, “I wish I could cut these off.” Wow! Was I surprised! Then I thought about it more and realized, that even a fuller bust can have its problems. If you want your bust to look smaller, stay away from small round necklines, fitted turtlenecks and choose the following instead: 

  • Lightweight fabrics that don’t cling
  • V necks and open collars
  • Clean simple bodices without pockets, ruffles or detailing near the bust area
  • Darker coloured tops, sweaters and blouses
  • Single breasted jackets
  • Collars that draw attention away from the bust area
  • A supporting bra