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How to Make Your Feet Look Slimmer or Wider by Kimberly Law, Certified Image Consultant

The shoes you wear can have a major effect on how slim or wide your feet look. The trick is the simpler the shoe and the more front to back details like a long opening or (vamp),  the slimmer your feet will look. To widen your feet  add extra colours, details, texture and horizontal lines like a square toe.

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Platform Shoes

A huge trend that is carrying on into fall for women is platform shoes. They are everywhere! The question is, are they appropriate for office wear? The answer… it depends on the company culture. 

The general rule is the thinner the sole the more conservative and formal the shoe. For career wear, when in doubt, always choose the classic pump with a 1 1/2 – 3 inch heel and a thin sole. You can never go wrong with this style and will always make a great impression at work. However, if you like the platform styles and it fits with your company’s contemporary culture, I would suggest that the classic style pump in a neutral colour with a platform sole is your best choice. For a great example see my post: http://www.personalimpact.ca/2010/09/don’t-believe-…thing-you-read/

Scuffed Shoes Image Faux Pas

One of the most noticed image faux pas is dirty, scuffed shoes or those that are in poor condition. It is also one of those things that people forget about most before leaving the house. The condition of your shoes, are an indicator of your personality and how well you take care of things, no matter what they cost.