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How to Change Your Body Shape

When we refer to body shape or body type we are usually referring to the silhouette of the body formed by the structure of the hips, shoulders and waist. These three body parts form the shape of the body. There are many different ways that we can describe these body shapes. Some image professionals use geometrical labels. Some personal image experts use letters. And there are many other labels that describe body shapes and types. However, if you consider what they are saying it comes down to the following:

  • The shoulders are wider than the hips
  • The hips are wider than the shoulders
  • The hips and shoulders are the same width and the waist is much smaller
  • The hips and shoulders are the same width and the waist is not much smaller
  •  The hips and shoulders are the same and the waist is larger

Once you have determined your body shape it will make it much easier to decide if you want to dress to emphasize or to camouflage your body shape.

Change Your Body Proportions with Clothing

Clothes can help give the illusion of how we want to appear. If we know how to choose the right silhouettes, lines, fabrics and colours, we will appear more evenly balanced and proportioned. The proportion and line of our clothing must work with proportion of our bodies. The key is to understand our own specific proportions in order to be able to find clothing with the lines and shapes that will enhance our individual body type.

How to Choose Jewellery Shapes

Jewellery such as a necklace or earrings can accentuate your positive features or your not so positive features. If you love the shape of your face and want to emphasize it, the easiest way is to wear jewellery in the same shape.

However, if you aren’t so happy with your face shape or a feature this strategy will only draw attention to it. For example: if you have a long face or neck (and are not happy with it) you may want to stay away from long dangly earrings; round earrings will emphasize a round face. To harmonize your jewellery with your features, repeat the personality of your features without repeating the shape exactly. Curves look great with curved shapes and soft lines; Angles look fabulous with angular shapes and sharp lines. They harmonize without emphasizing.