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Personality Style VS Image

As an image consultant a lot of people ask me to help them define their ‘personality style’. I find personality style really interesting because I think we all know inherently what we like and dislike. The label, ‘personal style’, helps us to communicate about our likes and dislikes easily to other people. It also can create a topic for conversation. In some ways I really like these labels because as an image consultant it creates an easy way for me to describe an identity to a client, in just a few words. One of the concerns I have with these labels though, is that the client is hoping for a magical way of demonstrating this identity. And although it can be demonstrated effectively, this is just one aspect we look at as image consultants. To do a good job for the client, we also need to consider the persons lifestyle, their body shape, their inherent look… Ok, you get the picture. The ideal reflection of you will incorporate all of these aspects, not just the personality. A good image consultant will consider all aspects of what makes you a person then determine how to bring out your best while helping you establish an identity or image that will reflect you while helping you accomplish your goals.