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How to Look Great in Pleated Trousers!

Yes plain front trousers are still modern and look great on most men. However there is nothing like well tailored pleated trousers to add the look of classic sophistication to a man’s wardrobe… even without a jacket. Unfortunately because many men have no idea how to wear them properly, they end up looking frumpy!

So how should they be worn? Try the following:

  • Wear them at the waist (near the navel) not the hip.
  • The crease runs down the front of the leg from the pleat
  • Pleated trousers should always be worn with the shirt tucked in
  • Wear pleated trousers with a cuff for added sophistication
  • They are hemmed at the heel in the back and long enough for a slight break in the front
  • Pleats and pocket should never pull

Skinny vs. Tapered ~ What’s Hot What’s Not

Back in the day Tapered pants were hot. And women young and old were wearing them with confidence knowing that they were impressively dressed in style.

Since the skinny jean became stylish a few years ago, many women are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that something from the past is finally back fashion and still in the back of their closet.  Happily they search the depths of their closet for the tapered pants they wore and loved so long ago.  Only to find when they put them on, that something is just not quite right. Puzzled they look at the fashion magazines thinking, “I haven’t changed that much, have I? Is it me or pants?” Although you likely did change a bit over the years, unfortunately so do the subtitles of fashion. Even though the general idea may be similar, fashion rarely comes back from the past in exactly the same way.

Think celery vs. carrots- Tapered jeans are like carrots. As their name implies they, start off fuller in the thigh area and taper down becoming narrow at the ankle.  The skinny jean is more like celery. The leg is slimmer in the thigh so the narrowing towards the ankle is more gradual. The leg appears straighter and slimmer top to bottom even though the leg still tapers slightly.

It’s in the rise. Skinny jeans are styled to fit either below the waist or on the hip. For tapered pants, the style of the day was worn high above or at the waist.

The fit is fit. Tapered pants were generally a bit generous in the rear and hip area creating a curvy look. Skinny pants are worn fitted top to bottom.

Watch the length. Skinny jeans are worn long, not at ankle length like tapered jeans were styled in their hay-day.

The great thing about fashion these days is that there are many fashion options. If this style doesn’t flatter your curves, there are many other stylish pants that will.