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Make Larger Lips Look Smaller

To make your lips look thinner and smaller, hide your natural lip line with concealer. Line the lips just inside your natural lip line. Smudge the lip-liner onto your lips to soften the line. Apply your lipstick onto the lips keeping the colour inside the new lip line created with the liner. This will create the illusion of thinner lips. Using a darker lip liner and lip stick without shine or shimmer will also make the lips look thinner and smaller.

How to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

As an image consultant and make-up artist, women are always asking me how to make their lipstick last longer. I tell them to start by applying a concealer on your natural lip line. Next, line the lips with a lip pencil and then thicken the line onto the lips. Take your lip brush and blend the lip-liner onto the lips to soften the liner. Then apply the lipstick with a lip brush. Blot the lip colour. This method will keep your lip colour looking great longer.