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In the Toronto Sun today there is an article called Rules of dumb, has our high-tech evolution resulted in a lower standard of etiquette? It mentions a situation where a teacher took a cell phone away from a student and then read all of her saved text messages in front of the class. Obviously he did this out of frustration over the perceived lack of respect. However, were his actions more respectful? He obviously embarrassed the student.
Catherine Bell of Prime Impressions shares some great comments in this article on cell phones and technology from an etiquette perspective. When asked if the rules have changed, she says that the rules haven’t changed, but that people’s perceptions of them have changed and that is just as important. “The whole idea of civility and respect is wanting in all environments,” she says. “They’re throwing out the window the consideration for the people around them.”
So I guess the question is, whether consideration for the people around us is still important. Or has society evolved to a place where taking other people into consideration by using manners and etiquette is no longer important? And if so will this lead to a continuation of civilization as we know it or will it lead to chaos?

From my perspective as a certified image consultant and etiquette expert, it would seem that a society lacking in civility would be taking a step backward. Civility evolved over time to create order and respect in the lives of others and ours. However, lately I have seen examples of incivility everywhere. It is my personal belief that we need to get back to basics and consider before hand how our actions might affect others. Then act appropriately.