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How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Going Under a Knife

All my life I have been told that I look young for my age. Although I really appreciate it now, when I was young I spent a lot of time and energy trying to make myself appear older or at least my age. Now that I am in my mid 40’s maintaining a youthful look has become a primary concern. I know… it’s impossible to make me happy.

Some people say that I was blessed with good genes. And although I know this is true, it also takes work. The following suggestions are inexpensive fixes that will instantly make you look younger.

Hair that is too long or outdated – Shorter styles above the shoulder will draw the eye up and make you appear younger. Hair with a side part, slightly layered around the face and with a little volume is usually more flattering and youthful than straight hair in one length.

Hair that is too grey or the wrong colour – Gray hair is automatically perceived as older. However, when hair is coloured too dark, the wrong colour or when it appears all one colour it can make us appear older as well. Choose a colour that will compliment your softened features or use a combination of colour and highlights to add natural looking highlights to the hair.

Yellowed teeth – Over time our teeth become more yellow and stained. For whiter more youthful looking teeth, use an over the counter whitener like Crest Whitestrips to lighten your teeth or have them professionally whitened.

Sagging bust- As we age our torso gradually shrinks. This along with gravity taking it’s toll will make us appear older. A good fitting bra will instantly give you a lift and make you appear younger. Many independent lingerie stores and department stores like Sears and the Bay have certified bra fitters.

Slouching – Good posture makes all the difference. Your clothes will fit better. You will appear slimmer and more youthful.

Outdated or over the top clothing and accessories – Choose good quality, up-to-date clothing styles with simple details. Keep your look up-to-date with updated accessories that suit the size of your bone structure and personality. Use one main accessory to create a focal point drawing attention to itself or an area or you choice.

Wearing the wrong colours – The wrong colours will cause the skin to appear sallow, pale or grey. They will also make lines and age spots stand out. Choose colours that flatter you. They will make you appear more youthful and vibrant.