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Festive Frocks ~ Select Your Most Flattering Party Dress

Holiday party time is coming fast. As it approaches women everywhere are panicking and asking the same question “How do I choose my most flattering dress this holiday season?” The answer, “choose dress styles with embellishments or volume on the areas you wish to draw attention to or make larger. The rest of the dress should skim the body without adding additional bulk or additional details. Here are four ways to use this information to flatter your figure!

Look slimmer around the middle with a simple, smooth and elongated silhouette that does not emphasize the waistline. Draw attention to other areas of the body or face with details such as beading, ruffles, shirring or seams well above or well below your midsection. V-necks, wrap and off shoulder necklines draw the eye outward at the shoulder making you look slimmer in the middle.

Feel too thin? Add curves to your figure by adding volume to areas you want to look curvier. On the top this can be done with details like puff sleeves, shirring, or ruffles. Avoid necklines that draw attention to your thinnest areas. Dresses with a full gathered skirt will show off a slim waistline and add volume to the hips making them look fuller.

Balance the bottom by adding width to the top. Wide v-necks, plunging necklines, bateau necklines, off shoulder designs and puff sleeves all draw the eye outward at the shoulder. Add volume on top with shirring, gathers and ruffles. Skirts look best when they skim over the hips, not cling.

If shoulders are wide or bust is full keep it simple at the top. Sleeveless styles with narrow V-necks, scoop necks, wrap and asymmetrical necklines work well. Keep this area smooth by avoiding embellishments. Add curve to the bottom half with flared and A-line styles. If the waist is slim, a full gathered skirt will balance the body and accentuate an hourglass shape.

Luckily this season, there is an option for everyone. By analysing your shape and focusing on your assets you can find the perfect dress and flatter your figure this party season.

Start with a Strong Foundation when Getting Dressed

With the holiday party season arriving, we are likely to be dressed up more often. But, no matter what outfit you are wearing, be sure to start with figure-enhancing underwear. If forms the foundation for the garments worn on top, so it is really important to choose the right size and the right style. Instead of bumps and bulges, go for smooth lines. They will automatically make you look slimmer and your torso will look taller.  Smooth lines make your clothing hang better and look more expensive. It also helps to keep the eyes away from your liabilities, so they can focus on your assets. There are so many options available these days and the right bra, slip, pantyhose or even a comfortable shaper can make a huge difference.

13 Packing Tips to Make Unpacking Easier

Looking great, while living out of a suitcase, is definitely not easy. You will find that your clothing tends to wrinkle and it is usually impossible to pack enough outfits to wear without having to find a Laundromat if your trip is more than a few days. For many women and men, deciding what to pack to look good while traveling is a huge challenge.

Below you will find tips for packing to look great while you travel. Follow these tips and you won’t have to lug three suitcases with you. Looking great while on the road does not have to be difficult at all.

Avoid Pure Cotton
Cotton wrinkles rapidly and it is probably one of the worst fabrics to pack when traveling. Instead, look for clothing that is either supposed to be wrinkled (think crinkle fabric) or that is wrinkle-resistant. There are several brands of clothing that are specially designed not to need ironing and these work very well for travel.

Use Accessories to Dress up or Down
As I mentioned in my previous post, ‘Packing Light for the Stylish Traveller’, before by changing accessories you can take an outfit from one activity to another or change your look from daytime to evening. Save space by packing basic clothing styles in neutral colours. Using accessories is an easy way to alter your appearance.

Give it a Roll
A good way to pack your clothing is to roll it, rather than fold it. Roll garments in tissue, plastic or a thin towel if they are likely to wrinkle. This helps to eliminate lines and creases and helps keep clothes nice and smooth.

Keep Garments looking Great with Plastic
Covering garments in a clear plastic dry cleaning bag before hanging them in a garment bag will help to prevent wrinkling.

Roll ties and belts.
This will stop them from getting crushed during transport.

Fill the Gaps
Socks and underwear can be stuffed into shoes. This will save space while keeping your shoes from getting crushed. These items can also fill in gaps around bigger items and prevent them from moving around.

Use Space Saver Bags
This idea works well for wrinkle free fabrics. By removing the air you will get a lot more into your suitcase. Test the fabric of your garment before you try this unless you are planning to bring an iron.

Use Travel Sizes
By transferring toiletries into travel size containers you will save space and weight in you suitcase.

Limit the Shoes
Shoes weigh a lot and take up precious space. Limit your shoes to neutrals and metallic’s. They will be easier to coordinate with your clothing. Stick to comfortable, basic styles that can be worn for different kinds of activities.

Protect with Plastic
When travelling use plastic bags to protect your clothing from your shoes and toiletries. Ziploc bags work particularly well and keep your items sealed and visible. Use a kitchen garbage bag for dirty laundry.

Leave the Blow-Dryer at Home
Most hotels and resorts now have blow-dryers in the rooms. Check ahead to be sure.

Swap Clothing
No I don’t mean share clothing, although if you have laundry facilities, the idea does have possibilities. What I mean is, if you are travelling with family pack an outfit in each others’ suitcase. If swapping clothes is not an option, carry-on a complete outfit.  Just in case you and your luggage don’t arrive together.

Unpack Immediately
When you arrive, unpack immediately and hang up hanging garments. If they are wrinkled, hang them in a steamy bathroom for a short while and then let them cool in a closet.

If you have a packing tip or any questions about packing for travel, I would love to hear from you.

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