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Four Reasons to Wear a Neck Tie

Many men hate the thought of putting on a neck tie and for many reasons. Some men hate the thought of wearing a tie because they feel they are uncomfortable; some men say they feel too dressed up when wearing a tie; and some men don’t know how to tie a tie-knot. If this is your only reason please see my YouTube videos below on how to tie various tie knots.

How to Tie the 4-in-Hand
How to Tie the Half Windsor
How to tie the Full Windsor

How to Tie the Pratt or Shelby Knot

Here are four reasons why you should wear a tie:

  1. Neck ties complete an outfit and make it look more finished.
  2. You will appear taller and slimmer when wearing a tie.
  3. When worn in a colour that suits you, ties make you look more healthy and attractive.
  4. You appear more credible and authoritative when wearing a tie then when you don’t.