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Looking the Part Isn’t Just for the Office

When times are tough economically, the impulse to let go of the little things becomes greater. We may get up in the morning and throw on the first thing that looks comfortable, without giving it much consideration. Or we disregard our concerns thinking, “Oh well nobody will notice.” Or, “I am just running to the grocery store, nobody will see me anyway.” And then it happens. You run into that most important client or what might have been a potential employer. Unfortunately you never know where you will bump into someone important to your career. And although I truly believe that we all deserve time to let our hair down and to demonstrate our personal style, be aware that the impression we make, even during our personal time, can add or take away from our business success. I am not saying that you need to spend your weekends in business clothing. Every outfit has it’s time and place and casual clothing is expected in casual environments. However, certain items can be distracting, diminish your credibility and create a strong impression about you. During tough economic times, looking well groomed, coordinated and appropriate for the setting can be your strongest business asset. For a great business impression leave the following at home:

  • Wrinkled or stained clothing
  • Mismatched clothing and accessories (colours or styles)
  • Clothing and shoes that are worn out or in poor condition
  • Clothing that needs repair: missing buttons, fallen hems, spots, etc.
  • Garments that are too tight or too big
  • Body Baring Garments – Cleavage showing, midriff showing (unless at the beach or pool)
  • Mini Skirts (more than 3 inches above the knee)
  • See-through garments
  • Undergarments that show (but please wear some)
  • Brightly coloured hair or extreme styles
  • Extreme prints and patterns
  • Extreme Fads
  • Cutesy clothing and accessories
  • Shoes that are too high or throw you off your balance
  • Athletic shoes or clothing (unless in an athletic environment)
  • Digital watches (unless in a very casual or athletic environment)
  • Visible tattoos
  • Logos, slogans or novelty prints on clothing & accessories (except your companies apparel)

In other words… Anything that might be Distracting!