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One Way to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The other day a client asked me how to make her eyes look bigger without wearing a lot of make-up. I told her that a simple way to make her eyes look bigger is to curl her eye lashes. An Eye lash curler is an inexpensive tool that is sold at many cosmetic retailers.
eye lash curler

These are the steps that I take to get the best results:

  1. Open the curler
  2. Open your eyes wide and look into a mirror rather than at the curler while going through the following steps.
  3. Place the top bar of the curler on top of your upper lashes (look through the curler while doing this)
  4. Slowly squeeze the bottom bar up.
  5. Hold for about 20 seconds while holding your eyes open
  6. Open the curler and release the lashes

Once you have curled your lashes you can add even more impact with mascara