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Look Gorgeous in Red on Valentines Day

As an image consultant clients ask me… what is a sure-fire way to look gorgeous? The challenge is that there are so many answers to this question. And there are so many little things that make a big difference. However, if I had to narrow it down to one thing, I would say “Wear colours that flatter you!”

This Valentines day, if you are in the mood for red, wear your best red. The easiest way to determine if crimson, ruby, scarlet, wine, russet or rose is your best red is to take the pinch test. Pinch your finger tip or earlobe to see what your natural blush colour or blood-tone is like. Then choose your red in the same colour family and if possible the same intensity. Choosing the right red will make your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and when you blush… you will look gorgeous!

Olympic Etiquette – Is Vancouver Going Overboard?

It is an exciting time to be living in Vancouver. With the Olympics less than two weeks away, there is a buzz of excitement in the air and a lot of controversy. Over this past week I had calls from Global TV news and CTV news asking my impression of a etiquette / protocol policy guide that the City of Vancouver, created for it’s staff members. The media wanted two questions answered. 1) Is a protocol policy manual a waste of tax payer’s money?  2) Does the policy manual go overboard with the amount of detail and some of the items it covers? Here is what I said on CTV.

Olympic Protocol – Are We Going Overboard? Kimberly Law’s Perspective

My only regret? I didn’t try harder to get tickets.

SUCCESS? Not with this Dress

One of the things that I have learned as certified professional image consultant is that looking successful is not just about the garments that you wear. It is also about how they are coordinated, the garment details and your body language. At first glance these men and women look quite professional (okay, except for the elf shoes). They are all wearing what would be considered business attire. But look again, how many mistakes can you see??

What not to wear for Success
What not to wear for Success

The man on the left:

  1. Notice the ripples on the jacket. Either he is pulling down too hard on the pockets with his hands or the jacket is too big around.
  2. His tie is also crooked. (Okay, these things happen)
  3. Shirt sleeve should extend about ¼ to ½ inch below his jacket sleeve for a classic business look.

The woman to his right:

  1. The skirt is too short. For business it should never be shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  2. A little too much cleavage for work.
  3. The shoes would do better at a night club than at the office.
  4. The hemline of her top worn below the jacket might be alright in a casual work environment, but in a formal office it comes across too casual.

The man with the elf shoes:

  1. Assuming he is wearing a shirt, his shirt cuffs also should be ¼ to ½ inch longer than the jacket sleeves.
  2. With those shoes, his pants are too long. There should be a slight break at the bottom of the leg, not the rumpled look we see.

The woman on the right

  1. The sleeves appear too long, although it is hard to know for sure, since they are buried in her pockets.

Advice for all…

  • Putting hands in your pockets ruins the line of the garment
  • Don’t draw attention to your legs when you want attention on your face
  • Shirt cuffs add sophistication to tailored classic attire
  • Crossed arms send a negative message – she looks angry
  • Make sure the width of your pant legs coordinate with the style of your shoes.
  • Elf shoes have no place in the workplace