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Holiday Dressing on a Budget!

For those of us on a budget, holiday dressing can add to the stress of the season. However, there is no need to spend a fortune on holiday clothing. Here are three ways to stick to your budget and still look great!

Choose Versatile Clothing – When you are buying a new holiday outfit, avoid making it too holiday specific. A dress or tie with an embroidered Santa can only be worn during Christmas, and chances are you won’t want to wear it to every party, so it would get very little use.

Look at What You Already Own – Use items that are already in your closet and add inexpensive, current accessories to make them look new. If you have a nice red or green blouse or shirt, for example, you might add some sparkle with a pair of earrings or festive necklace from the current season. For men, it can be as simple as wearing a new tie or a shirt with cuff-links. Pair this with a nice black skirt or pair of slacks to complete the look.

Christmas, Hanukah, New Years… Holidays in general are A Great Time for the Classics – Do not be tempted by trendy holiday outfits, as they can cost a fortune and you will not be able to wear them next season. Save money and get more wear out of your clothing by dressing classically for the holidays. It is the perfect time for the classic little black dress. Use trendy accessories to add interest or glamour.

Follow these strategies look great and to make your holiday dressing just a little easier.

Happy Holidays…