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How to Pack to Look Great While Travelling

For many men and women, vacation packing consists of throwing shorts, t-shirts and a couple of bathing suits into a suitcase. However, this can get you into trouble when something unexpected comes up that requires a bit more finesse. Before you travel for work or pleasure, ask yourself a few simple questions. The answers will guide you towards packing right for every occasion.

Where are you going?
I know this may seem redundant (of course you know where you are going). But the reality is, often we don’t really think this through prior to travel. Even if we are spending all of our time at a resort and your objective is to relax, often there are dress codes for restaurants, golf courses and local attractions. Research the local customs and resort expectations ahead of time to learn about the do’s and taboos.

What is the climate like?
Different climates require different fabrics for comfort. Does the temperature change or remain fairly constant? If the temperature changes during the day or at night, layers can add warmth and allow you to add and remove as needed. If the climate is humid natural fibres and looser silhouettes will help keep you cool. Keep synthetics such as fleece for dryer and moderate climates unless they are guaranteed to breath.

Who are you traveling with?
Children, friends and family may have different ideas about the ideal travelling wardrobe. Dressing out of sync with your travel party can leave you and others feeling unprepared and uncomfortable. Know who you are likely to spend time with while travelling and how they intend to dress before you leave home.

How are you getting there?
Is it a boat, a plane, or a car? Different modes of travel require different clothing, different packing requirements and volume restrictions. This can weigh heavily on how much and what you pack. Consider carefully the comfort, convenience and speed of travel. Keep toiletries and a change of clothes handy for easy access… just in case.

How long will you be there?
Short trips have their advantages because you can usually pack enough without being concerned about laundry and dry-cleaning. However, for longer trips you need to determine ahead of time how this will be handled. Although some hotels and resorts provide laundry facilities or service, many do not. Decide in advance how you will keep your clothing fresh and clean.

Once you know the answers to these questions, pack accordingly. This will help to keep your vacation or business travel stress-free and more enjoyable.

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