Should You Wear Animal Print to Work?

Been shopping lately? If so you may have noticed that animal print fabric is everywhere. Personally, I really like it. It’s fun and comes across mischievous and playful. And this season, whether you want to look like a fox, a cat, a tiger or any other animal, it’s out there. But is work the best time to come across this way?  OK, yes, it’s good to enjoy your time at work. However, the way you dress may be perceived as sending mixed messages. How do you look playful and come across serious at the same time? When dressing for the purpose of work this can be a challenge. My suggestions?

  • If possible, keep animal print for social occasions.
  • If you work in an environment that encourages a playful approach, but you still need to look like you are capable and are there to do your job, wear subtle versions of animal print. This can be done with low colour contrast, worn in small areas or by choosing non-descript versions.

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