In today’s rapidly changing job market, whether you’re job-hunting, working towards advancement or building a business there is no second chance to make a the right impression. Knowing the rules of business etiquette and the expectations in a formal or business casual setting can help you appear more confident and feel more at ease in the corporate arena. By working with a Professional Image Consultant you can ensure that you are making the best impression at all times. Personal Impact offers guidelines and self improvement strategies for enhanced professionalism and positive interaction with employers, clients, co workers and for that important social occasion. To make your mark in business consider one of the following programs or mix and match:


Minding Your Manners Everyday really does matter! Whether you want to impress clients, your employer or the public as a representative of your company, manners and etiquette go a long way in creating a favourable impression. Our etiquette training shows you how to act and behave in a wide variety of business situations, in the workplace and in social occasions.

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  • Personal Impact Guide to Minding Your Manners Everyday Matters


Today, with our hectic lifestyles, many of us eat on the run as we rush about multi-tasking. Although many dining traditions may not seem crucial while eating in front of the TV, our table conduct is still considered important during social, business and formal occasions. Whether we like it or not, how we conduct ourselves at the dining table can influence others’ perception of us, impacting our business and social relationships.

Knowing the rules of dining etiquette can help you appear more confident and feel more at ease in both social and business dining situations. Personal Impact offers Formal dining etiquette for informal people. We include guidelines for American & European dining styles, business vs. social dining as well as what not to do at the dining table.

Whether dining socially or for business, the meal is a time to interact and relax. Understanding the nuances of dining etiquette can help you feel more comfortable and at ease during your dining experience.

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  • Personal Impact Guide to Formal Dining for Informal People


When you’re competing for sales, jobs or promotions, a polished professional image can be your competitive edge. However, the rules on business dress have changed. Since the dawn of ‘business casual dress’ in the 1990’s, companies continue to shift their requirements on what to wear at work especially in business casual environments. Some have established dress codes with specific guidelines, while others leave it open for their employees to determine what’s appropriate. Without defined guidelines, dressing for work can be very confusing.

In this session we will take the confusion out of what to wear to work. We will explore the how tos as well as the dos and don’ts of formal to business casual dress. We will discuss your desired image perception, your profession and your career goals to determine guidelines for your business wardrobe selection.

Increase your self confidence and professional image by letting Personal Impact’s Professional Image Consultants help you clarify what to wear to work at home an in the global arena. We ask you to bring items of business clothing and accessories for a wardrobe critique.

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  • Personal Impact Guide to Upwardly Mobile Clothing for Upwardly Mobile Women or Upwardly Mobile Clothing for Upwardly Mobile Men

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