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There are 7 special reports in this series that cover personal care, make-up, wardrobe planning, business attire, dining etiquette, communication and manners. Our aim “is to enable everyone, no matter their job, where they live, or what their goals are to easily take advantage of these practical strategies, tips and techniques to improve their appearance, behaviour and confidence.” Throughout this series, I will show you how to reach your personal and professional best in an upbeat, non-threatening manner. I hope you enjoy learning about these topics.

1. Presence & Poise the Communication Factor
2. Wardrobe Wizardry Working Magic in Your Closet
3. Personal Care from Feet to Hair
4. Minding Your Manners Everyday Matters (IITTI Standard)
5. Formal Dining for Informal People (IITTI Standard)
6. Dressing to Win in the Workplace (IITTI Standard)
7. Masterful Make-up in Minutes

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