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‘Everyday Dining Etiquette’ teaches you dining skills you can use every day.

Have you ever been unsure about which bread plate is yours? Where to place your napkin when leaving the table? What the utensils at the top of your place setting are for?

How you conduct yourself at the dining table can influence others’ perceptions of you, impacting your business and social relationships. Everyday Dining Etiquette teaches you dining skills to help you appear more confident and feel more at ease when dining casually or formally, for business or for pleasure.

Master these dining skills – feel more confident and make a great impression today! 

  • Discover easy tricks to navigate a crowded table
  • Compare nuances of American vs. European dining styles
  • Identify what not to do at the dining table
  • Impress your guests as a gracious host
  • Distinguish yourself as the perfect guest
  • Handle dining disasters with grace

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