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International Business Etiquette is a combination of corporate soft skills that has created a demand for expertise in the areas of training and guidance in the corporate and education sectors.

This distance learning self-study program provides the training that will prepare participants to work as an independent Corporate Etiquette trainer specializing in the three areas of Business Etiquette based on North American and internationally accepted Western business standards. This includes Professional Appearance, Business Behaviour & Dining Etiquette for Business interaction. All training is based on requirements for the IITTI Level 1 Certification Exam, through the Institute of Image Training and Testing International (www.iitti.org).

Through self-study of the course materials, assignments and bi-weekly live (feedback and mentorship) calls, for the duration of the course, students will learn the theory and the how-to’s to create their own dynamic seminars. This program also includes ongoing mentorship with Kimberly Law, for a full calendar year from the program start date.


  • Gain key business etiquette skills and an understanding of culture, behaviour and business practices in western society, to be able to convey to their clientele.
  • Gain techniques to appropriately define client goals and templates for written proposals.
  • Gain knowledge and strategies to develop training programs for the corporate for education sectors.
  • Raised awareness of Western customs and standards for professional decorum.
  • Observe various presentation techniques for training delivery.
  • Gain knowledge needed to prepare clientele for the Level 1 IITTI exam.
  • Develop skill base to participate in a growing global community advocating international business etiquette standardization.
  • Train with internationally recognized Canadian trainer and Founding IITTI Director.

Program Content

Module 1: Professional Appearance

  • Impact of personal image in a professional setting
  • Dressing strategies and guidelines for formal, semi-formal & informal business attire
  • The power of colour and how to wear it effectively for business
  • Attention to professional dressing details
  • Personal appearance mistakes in a work environment
  • Grooming & Hygiene

Module 2: Business Customs and Behaviour

  • Non-verbal communication, the basics of body language and gestures
  • How to mingle at business mixers
  • Introductions, greetings & handshakes
  • Business card etiquette
  • Interacting appropriately in business settings
  • Telephone and electronic communications etiquette

Module 3: Dining Etiquette for Business Interaction

  • Place settings, napkins and seating
  • Navigating the meal
  • What you need to know about wine – The Basics
  • Hosts, guests and guests of honour
  • American & Continental dining styles
  • Using utensils in Western societies
  • How to eat tricky foods
  • World class manners
  • Tipping in North America

Our Methodology

Because these course modules are delivered online, learners can learn 24/7 from virtually anywhere in the world.

Our programs combine engaging video, Official IITTI Study Guides recommended self- administered quizzes, exercises and suggested projects. We provide additional recommendations for industry resources & best practices.

We also offer live calls via Skype to ask questions and get personalized feedback on your progress. This program also includes ongoing mentorship with Kimberly Law, for a full calendar year from the program start date

Program Materials

Prior to the start of each module, participants will receive a full range of training materials for self-study and to reinforce learning outcomes.

IITTI Level 1 Exam

We recommend that each participant sit for the IITTI Level 1 Certification Exam to evaluate learning outcomes. This will also provide first-hand understanding of the Exam process and requirements for those who wish to train clientele to prepare for the IITTI exam. IITTI Level 1 Exam Fee of $80.00 USD is included in your training investment.

Training Investment $2580.00 (USD)

  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • All Fees are in US Dollars
  • A certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of the mentorship program.

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