By Kimberly Law, AICI CIP

Summer is here! And with it the warmer weather brings the desire to show more skin. For many of us this can be a chilling thought. If you gained a little weight over the winter or you’re sagging were you were once firm, don’t despair! Although body shape perfection may seem a long way off, you can instantly look slimmer by applying the magic of colour, contrast and focal points. These tips work for both men and women:

Hemlines automatically draw attention to themselves by creating a visual line of contrast. For a more slimming look, lengthen or shorten sleeves, shorts and skirts below or above the widest part of the arm or leg.

Clothing that is too small will emphasize your body shape, making you look bigger; While clothing that is too big it adds bulk and makes the wearer look frumpy. If fit is a challenge, have clothing altered for a better fit. It will instantly make you look slimmer.

Shiny fabrics, light and bright colours reflect light making the area appear bigger. When worn on your better half, they create the illusion of a more balanced upper and lower body.

Although we tend to think of black as the slimming colour, any darker or muted colour will have a similar effect, and may be cooler to wear in the summer heat.

To look slimmer around the middle choose monochromatic colours or similar tones for top and bottom. Use contrast or details close to the face to draw attention away from the waist.

A low contrast print with a darker background or a non descriptive pattern with no background, can fool the eye, camouflaging the area. When working with prints, keep the overall effect in mind for better balance.

Accessories and details like pockets, trim, buckles and contrast create focal points. When strategically placed, focal points attract the eye, drawing attention away from challenging areas.

By applying the magic of colour, contrast, and focal points, it’s easy to fool the eye for a slimmer look.

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