How to Choose a Make-up Brush

There are a variety of make-up brushes that range in size and shape. The lip brush is generally one of the smallest and the powder brush is generally the largest. There are many more kinds of brushes of different sizes in

The most important thing to consider is making sure the brush you use is suited for the job. The best way to pick the right brush is to choose one that is a reasonable size and stiffness – for the make-up product, desired effect and area the product is to be applied.

  • A stiff brush will deposit more colour and works well for a dramatic effect or precise application.
  • A wide brush works well for applying colour to large areas and for blending.
  • An angled or dome shaped brush works well for contouring or shading.
  • A small to medium brush, angled or dome shaped of medium stiffness, works well for precise work such as shading small areas.

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