How to Apply Mascara on the Lashes – Not the Skin

Applying mascara can be a challenge unless you have a very steady hand and you are not afraid to hit yourself in the eye with the mascara wand. However, as a make-up artist I have found that the following tips help keep the mascara application off the skin and on the eye lashes:

Top Eye Lashes

  1. Look into the mirror not directly at the mascara wand.
  2. Know the length of your lashes. Then determine how much you need to look down while applying the mascara on the top lashes to avoid brushing mascara onto the lid or orbital bone.
  3. When applying, keep your eyes steady while applying a bit of pressure on the wand for stability of the application
  4. Don’t blink! Give your lashes a minute to dry first.

 Bottom Eye Lashes

  1. Lightly brush the mascara wand back and forth over the bottom eye lashes like window wipers on a car.
  2. Don’t Blink! Give your lashes a minute to dry first.

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