Fabric & Style Can Make Clothing Look More Expensive

When clients ask me how to make their wardrobe dollars stretch I give them the following four suggestions:

  • Choose quality over quantity.
  • Buy quality fabrics and timeless styles – the best you can afford.
  • Choose all-season natural fabrics such as lightweight wools, fine cottons, and silks.
  • For a better fit, Make small alterations to the sleeves, hemline and the waistline.

Your clothing will look and feel more expensive and you will look like a million bucks!

One thought on “Fabric & Style Can Make Clothing Look More Expensive”

  1. I note that the television newscast personnel lack in their judgement as to what size and type of garments are flattering to their bodyshape.
    It is readily apparent that garments are much too small and/or poor workmanship.
    Appears unprofessional in my opinion

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