Don’t Believe Everything You Read

InStyle magazine is a publication that I really enjoy reading. It contains great tips for the average woman on current fashion and beauty. Business Dress
However, in the September issue of InStyle magazine I was a bit disappointed to see this advertisement produced by Dry Idea. It indicates that these clothing items are appropriate office attire for women. Although I love the little black dress and it would definitely be appropriate for social occasions, it might leave some thinking that this style is appropriate for the office as well. Anything strapless, low-cut, mini in length or sheer is not appropriate office dress. However, in the case of the strapless black dress, if it is camouflaged by covering up with the coral coloured sweater showing next to it, you might be able to get away with it. As long as you can’t tell it is strapless. Good personal judgement is advised.

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