Do Socks Really Matter?

In the Vancouver City Hall Protocol Manual for the 2010 Olympics one of the clothing details that were addressed was wearing the right socks. Although, this may seem very basic or even unnecessary to some, you would be surprised how many of us get it wrong. When choosing your socks consider the following:

  • Coordinate your sock colour to the hem of your pants. For men, neutral tones work best.
  • The thicker the sock the more casual the look. This style works best with casual clothing and casual shoes; the thinner the sock the more dressy the look. Always wear thinner socks when dressed in trousers or slacks and thin soled shoes. 
  • Avoid sport socks for work
  • When worn with pants, socks should cover the shins. This way it is unlikely your shins will show when sitting with your legs crossed, unless your pants are too short. (a later blog post).
  • Never wear socks with sandals.

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