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Prepare Your Face for Make-up

A flawless make-up application requires a bit of prep. Start with a clean face using products designed for your skin type.  If your skin is flakey, exfoliate as part of the skincare process. Finish with a moisturizer designed for your skin type. Let the moisturizer absorb for about 15 minutes prior to your foundation application. Moisturizer will create the perfect canvas for your make-up masterpiece.

The Wrong Underwear

You know, we have all seen it… the sagging or bumpy breasts, jiggling rear ends and the underwear straps that show. These are all examples of the wrong underwear. Although, the wrong undergarments will sabotage your image in any situation, it is even more of an issue at work. Why? If the desired focus is your product or service and you want to appear credible in your presentation of that product or service, then the focus should be on that product or service. The wrong underwear is not only distracting, it can make others uncomfortable. In other words, when at work, do you want people to be thinking about your underwear or what a great job you and your company can do for them? The right underwear will keep everything in place and help keep attention focused on what’s important at the time. Your silhouette will appear smoother and you will look slimmer.

How to Keep Your Bra Straps from Showing

Over the past few years, a popular look for women has been wearing layered tank tops and casual camisoles with the bra straps showing. Although there may be a time and place for this look, it isn’t appropriate for every occasion. Unfortunately, many of us have a problem with bra straps slipping. If your budget or body shape doesn’t allow you the option for purchasing multiple bra styles, there are several great solutions:

Bra clips (which are available under a number of different names) are a plastic clip which will clip the bra straps together, holding them in the center of your back.

When your bra style has the option for changing the straps, clear plastic bra straps work well. They stay in place and generally aren’t noticeable even when you are moving around.

Fashion Tape can also work to keep your bra straps in place.

Start with a Strong Foundation when Getting Dressed

With the holiday party season arriving, we are likely to be dressed up more often. But, no matter what outfit you are wearing, be sure to start with figure-enhancing underwear. If forms the foundation for the garments worn on top, so it is really important to choose the right size and the right style. Instead of bumps and bulges, go for smooth lines. They will automatically make you look slimmer and your torso will look taller.  Smooth lines make your clothing hang better and look more expensive. It also helps to keep the eyes away from your liabilities, so they can focus on your assets. There are so many options available these days and the right bra, slip, pantyhose or even a comfortable shaper can make a huge difference.

Skinny vs. Tapered ~ What’s Hot What’s Not

Back in the day Tapered pants were hot. And women young and old were wearing them with confidence knowing that they were impressively dressed in style.

Since the skinny jean became stylish a few years ago, many women are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that something from the past is finally back fashion and still in the back of their closet.  Happily they search the depths of their closet for the tapered pants they wore and loved so long ago.  Only to find when they put them on, that something is just not quite right. Puzzled they look at the fashion magazines thinking, “I haven’t changed that much, have I? Is it me or pants?” Although you likely did change a bit over the years, unfortunately so do the subtitles of fashion. Even though the general idea may be similar, fashion rarely comes back from the past in exactly the same way.

Think celery vs. carrots- Tapered jeans are like carrots. As their name implies they, start off fuller in the thigh area and taper down becoming narrow at the ankle.  The skinny jean is more like celery. The leg is slimmer in the thigh so the narrowing towards the ankle is more gradual. The leg appears straighter and slimmer top to bottom even though the leg still tapers slightly.

It’s in the rise. Skinny jeans are styled to fit either below the waist or on the hip. For tapered pants, the style of the day was worn high above or at the waist.

The fit is fit. Tapered pants were generally a bit generous in the rear and hip area creating a curvy look. Skinny pants are worn fitted top to bottom.

Watch the length. Skinny jeans are worn long, not at ankle length like tapered jeans were styled in their hay-day.

The great thing about fashion these days is that there are many fashion options. If this style doesn’t flatter your curves, there are many other stylish pants that will.

How to Apply Make-up to Look Younger – Part 2

Although good skincare and foundation and concealer applied properly will make you look younger, it does more than that. It will create the perfect canvas for your masterpiece. Try the following for a younger looking you…

Keep eyebrows groomed. Nicely shaped eyebrows will open the eyes and automatically give a more youthful look. For a more defined look use an eyebrow pencil. Match the colour as closely as possible to your hair colour or use a slightly lighter colour. If the hair is grey use a soft grey pencil.

As we age, our skin tone, hair colour and eye colour tend to soften. This can cause dark and bright colours and combinations with a strong dark/ light contrast to appear harsh on our skin, making us look older. If this is the case, try colours that are slightly softer and more muted instead for a more youthful look. Avoid using dark colours on areas that appear overly sunken.

Neutral eye shadow colours tend to be easier to wear. Be careful with extremely dark colours. Avoid frosted eye shadows on crêpe areas.

Give your eyes a more open look by curling your eyelashes.

Applying mascara can be a nightmare when you can’t see. Use a magnifying mirror at eye level or higher. When applying mascara on your upper lashes lift your head slightly. This will cause your lashes to lower slightly making it easier to apply your mascara on your upper lashes. Focus on the mirror rather than trying to look at the brush. With practice you will find it much easier to apply mascara.

If you have a double chin or want a stronger looking jaw line, sweep a matte brown shading powder under the jaw line.

Use blush without sheen on the cheekbones. Products with shine and or a frosted finish will enhance lines and wrinkles. For more prominent looking cheekbones, use a matte brown shading powder under the cheekbones.

If lips are aging try using a lipstick base. This will help to stop the colour from seeping into the lines it will also help stop feathering.

If lips are lined or wrinkled, avoid using a dark matte lipstick or a very frosted lipstick or shiny lip gloss all over the lips. Line lips with a lip pencil a more defined look.

For more make-up tips and application instruction see ‘Masterful Make-up in Minutes’

How to Apply Make-up to Look Younger – Part 1

I love make-up. Whether you apply a little or a lot it can totally change a women’s appearance. It can make you appear younger, older, more glamorous or sexy. It can also hide imperfections or enhance any feature. The sad thing is that as we age, a make-up application that once looked natural and brought out our features can now appear harsh and bring out the lines and wrinkles instead. Because of this it is important to adjust our make-up application as we age.

Focus on making your skin look healthy and evenly toned instead of adding more colour. A good skin-care regiment can work wonders. Always use a moisturizer on the skin before applying foundation. This will help the foundation blend easier onto the skin. I also recommend using an eye cream as well, especially if the eye area is dry.

For a more youthful look, choose a foundation formula that is light-reflecting but does not have a sheen. I would also advise staying away from a matte finish foundation. Both can draw attention to lines. There are also great formulas that help to diminish lines on the skin.

Choose a foundation that is as close as possible to the colour of your skin at the jaw line. Test a few colours at a time and choose the one that blends the best with your skin tone. When using a concealer choose one in the same undertone as your foundation and blends with the colour of the skin or foundation next to where it is applied.

By choosing the right products you can create the perfect canvas for a younger looking masterpiece.

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For more make-up tips and application instruction see ‘Masterful Make-up in Minutes’

How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Going Under a Knife

All my life I have been told that I look young for my age. Although I really appreciate it now, when I was young I spent a lot of time and energy trying to make myself appear older or at least my age. Now that I am in my mid 40’s maintaining a youthful look has become a primary concern. I know… it’s impossible to make me happy.

Some people say that I was blessed with good genes. And although I know this is true, it also takes work. The following suggestions are inexpensive fixes that will instantly make you look younger.

Hair that is too long or outdated – Shorter styles above the shoulder will draw the eye up and make you appear younger. Hair with a side part, slightly layered around the face and with a little volume is usually more flattering and youthful than straight hair in one length.

Hair that is too grey or the wrong colour – Gray hair is automatically perceived as older. However, when hair is coloured too dark, the wrong colour or when it appears all one colour it can make us appear older as well. Choose a colour that will compliment your softened features or use a combination of colour and highlights to add natural looking highlights to the hair.

Yellowed teeth – Over time our teeth become more yellow and stained. For whiter more youthful looking teeth, use an over the counter whitener like Crest Whitestrips to lighten your teeth or have them professionally whitened.

Sagging bust- As we age our torso gradually shrinks. This along with gravity taking it’s toll will make us appear older. A good fitting bra will instantly give you a lift and make you appear younger. Many independent lingerie stores and department stores like Sears and the Bay have certified bra fitters.

Slouching – Good posture makes all the difference. Your clothes will fit better. You will appear slimmer and more youthful.

Outdated or over the top clothing and accessories – Choose good quality, up-to-date clothing styles with simple details. Keep your look up-to-date with updated accessories that suit the size of your bone structure and personality. Use one main accessory to create a focal point drawing attention to itself or an area or you choice.

Wearing the wrong colours – The wrong colours will cause the skin to appear sallow, pale or grey. They will also make lines and age spots stand out. Choose colours that flatter you. They will make you appear more youthful and vibrant.