When people think of the word ‘Bushido’ they think Japanese warriors strong, tough, regimented, unforgiving and loyal. However, the word ‘Bushido’ is known to incorporate the following traits: honesty, justice, heroic courage, compassion, sincerity, honour, duty, loyalty and courtesy. Maintaining the credibility of this code of conduct was most important to the Japanese samurai.

In the modern business world we may not be at war in the traditional sense. However, we can use some of the attributes of ‘Bushido’ to become more effective and successful in the business.

Doing business the ‘Bushido’ way, means doing business with integrity. It is establishing and maintaining a credible image. And the way to get there is by being armed with the right attitude, skills and tools that will attract and keep clients.

In Bushido Business, the Fine Art of the Modern Professional, Insight Publishing Company 2010, I describe the three aspects of personal image: how we look; our actions; and our words. Each of these components play a role in how we are perceived initially, and each have an impact on the long term credibility of our business image.

The first thing we notice about a person we meet is their appearance. This consists of their clothing, accessories and grooming. To look credible in business we need to reflect the industry, the company culture, and also the job description.

If your appearance reflects appropriately, you will look like you have what it takes, you are more likely to be taken seriously, you will look credible and your image will be on the track to success. However, this is just the first step.

According to Brian Tracy, Bushido Businessco author, our actions determine our perceived attitude. He says, “If you are completely prepared through practice, have developed skills and expertise in your field and arrive alert, with high energy and a good attitude you will dramatically increase the speed in which you hit your bull’s eye.”

Co author Stephen M.R Covey, describes the quickest way to building trust and rapport with anybody is, to keep commitments that you make. Far too often people make commitments that are not followed through. By keeping the commitments, others will know they can depend on you to come through and get the job done.

The third component of image is ‘our words’. If you are not reinforcing your message with your words, you could be destroying your credibility. However, sometimes we say too much and don’t listen enough. One suggestion, co author Tom Hopkins says, in his chapter is, “Be willing to listen. Ask questions, and give up control of the conversation.”

Business people today can’t afford to waste time. Through these ancient concepts, the authors of Bushido Business have provided the tools and weapons that make this book the obvious choice, if you want a competitive advantage. In this book, you will find that the “way of the warrior” is a mindset you must have to survive in today’s economy. Learn about Bushido Business here.

Kimberly Law AICI, CIP

Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)

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