Ease Up on The Fragrance

There was a time, in the not too distant past, when applying fragrance was considered part of getting dressed in the morning. We would apply it liberally, layer it, and touch it up through-out the day.

These days the rules have changed. Although fragrance can enhance our mood and the mood of those around us, for some it can cause allergic reactions, head-aches and nausea. If you love your fragrance, consider those around you when putting it on in the morning.  And just remember, a little goes a long way.

Consistency is the Key to a Professional Image

There are times when I get up in the morning and I don’t care how I look. I think everyone has those days. When getting dressed in the morning, we throw on the first thing that looks comfortable. And even though we may think it doesn’t matter, this can sometimes get us in trouble.

As an image consultant, I have made a few embarrassing mistakes of my own. One day, I ran down to the grocery store to grab a few things. Wearing sweats and no make-up, I ran into a past client. Oops! You never know where or when you might bump into someone important.

Even though there are days when I would rather not dress for success, I have learned the hard way that I really do need to look the part. Even though we may not care how we look, others might. For more on how to make the right business impression see ‘Upwardly Mobile Clothing for Upwardly Mobile Women’

Not Sure What to Wear to Work?

Notice what your boss and your clients typically wear. To impress your boss, dress at the same level or slightly more casual. If your boss wears a jacket, so should you. To impress your client, dress at the same level or a little more formal. If your clients always wear jeans, you might want to leave the jacket and the jeans at home. Dress for Success with a tailored bottom and a coordinating top.

Bright Colours Get Things Done

It’s been proven that colours affect us on a physiological level. Some colours are calming, some colours are dependable and some colours are authoritative. Bright colours bring up the energy level and increase brain activity. Of all the bright colours, red has the greatest impact which makes it a very powerful colour. Bright colours are great for getting and keeping attention.  These colours also work well as accent colours for blouses and scarves. A brightly coloured scarf will draw focus to the face and keep the attention of the listener. Although men’s business wear doesn’t usually include bright coloured garments other than shirts and ties, they can work well as accent colours. Ties are a great example of this. A brightly colour tie will draw focus to the face and keep the attention of the listener. Extremely bright colours, such as florescent colours, do not belong in the work place.

How to Look Like a Team Player with Colour

Medium muted colours and neutrals are more approachable than dark colours yet still appear serious. People will assume you are a dependable team player while still conveying credibility. Warm colours such as earth tones come across as friendly and approachable. These colours work well for networking. Cooler neutrals such as grey and muted blue come across as more serious and trustworthy than warmer colours. These are effective when worn with a monochromatic shirt and tie or a lighter shirt. Combine with a richer coloured tie or one in the same tone. For more on this topic see ‘Upwardly Mobile Clothing for Upwardly Mobile Men’