Need to Look Caring in Your Workplace?

Lighter colours, especially pastels send the message that you care. These are great colours to wear when you want to be perceived as reassuring or gentle. They also have a calming effect on others. For this effect a lower contrast or monochromatic combinatioand tie) in lighter colours works well.
light colour

Use Colour to Instantly Look More Authoritative

Darker shades of most colours are considered more formal. They help you appear authoritative, confident and mature. When you wear dark colours such as navy or charcoal grey people will assume you can handle t he job. Black is the most formal and authoritative colour. Too much black can be intimidating. When worn alone, dark shades are dramatic and unapproachable. For a confident, authoritative look a dark suit with a light dress shirt and a brightly coloured tie, a coloured scarf and/ or metal accessories make the most effective combination. For more on this topic see ‘Upwardly Mobile Clothing for Upwardly Mobile Women’

Do Maxi Skirts Work for Work?

This season we are again seeing the new longer ankle length hemline on skirts, called the ‘Maxi’. Many of my clients are asking whether this skirt or dress style is appropriate to wear to work.

This is an interesting question. As image consultants we tell our clients to cover their skin, when dressing for work. And this skirt style definitely covers skin. However, the other thing to consider when dressing for business is, whether your clothing is distracting. Unfortunately the ‘Maxi’s’ falls into the category of distracting, as well. And because of this, it isn’t suited to the work place.

Why, you ask? If the clothing draws attention to itself, it also draws attention to your personality. This can draw attention away from your purpose and what you are trying to convey.

Work Skirts that Work!

This season we are seeing an abundance of skirts in various shapes, lengths and fabrics. With so many choices, it can be difficult to select the right skirt for the right occasion. When choosing a skirt for work, classic is the key: The best skirt styles for work are pencil or A-line silhouettes. They range in length, from just above to just below the knee. Fabrics are light to medium weight. Colours and patterns are subtle.

How to Maximize your Look in the Maxi Length Skirt

The taller and slimmer you are, the easier it is to maximize your look with the maxi. If you are under 5’7” or desire to look slimmer, minimize the maxi affect, by keeping it simple and close to the body. The Pencil silhouette will be your greatest ally.  Make sure the fabric drapes well over the body and the hemline is narrow. The shorter your hemline and the more fluid the fabric, the more shape options you will have that flatter your figure.