Your Personal Image Should Emphasize Your Corporate Brand

Many of my corporate clients ask why it matters what they wear to work. Here is one good reason: 

Most companies spend a lot of money developing and maintaining the company image, and as a representative of your company it’s up to you to reinforce this image by presenting yourself in a way that is consistent with the company brand. Let’s face it, when we meet someone for the first time, we instantly form an impression about that person and if their image matches what they’re trying to communicate, we’re more likely to trust them. Once the trust is established, it’s easier to build rapport and strong business relationships with that person and their company.

9 Steps to Break Bread with Ease and Grace

If you have ever been unsure of which bread plate is yours; or whether you are supposed to butter the whole slice of bread. You are not alone. As an etiquette expert many of my clients and friends ask about the etiquette of eating bread and rolls. Here are the steps to take next time you are faced with the challenge of breaking bread.

  1. Your bread plate is the one to the left of your place setting.
  2. Don’t reach; Ask the person closest to the bread basket to pass it to you.
  3. Take the bread or roll and place it on your bread plate.
  4. Ask the person closest to the butter to pass it to you.
  5. Using the butter serving utensil (if there is one) or your butter knife (if there is not serving utensil) place some butter on your bread plate.
  6. Rip off a small piece of bread / roll, the appropriate size for one or two bites.
  7. Butter that piece of bread / roll holding it on the plate while spreading the butter.
  8. Eat it with your mouth closed and enjoy!
  9. Repeat…

Use this etiquette for Holiday Dining and Everyday Dining…Happy Holidays!

Learn more dining etiquette skills with Kimberly Law’s lecture based on-line course ‘Everyday Dining Etiquette’.

Make the Most of Your Handshake

I have written about handshakes in past blog posts. However, occasionally clients ask me questions about how to make the most of your handshake. Next time you shake hands consider the following: 

  • When shaking hands in western society the hands should be parallel and hands should be clasped web to web. This isn’t the case with all cultures, so it is important to be understanding. 
  • If you have small hands and want to make your hand seem more substantial when shaking hands, separate your index and middle fingers slightly with extending your hand for a handshake. 
  • If you wear rings on your right hand when shaking hands, you may hurt the other person if you clasp their hand too tightly. This is the same when shaking hands with someone wearing a ring.  
  • When seated, always stand to shake hands. This will bring both parties closer to the same level and both will feel more comfortable.