The Navy Suit – a Hit in London

One of the things that really stood out for me on my trip to London was business clothing for men. The business suit was the key element for business dress compared to Vancouver where we are still seeing a lot of sport coats worn for business. The navy suit was everywhere; this in contrast to Vancouver where we are still seeing more charcoal, muted colours and earth tones rather than navy. In France, navy and charcoal suits were worn, however, so was the sport coat. In both countries, business casual included short sleeved camp style and dress shirts tucked into the slacks or trousers. Pant styles are mainly plain front styles with narrow legs, all worn with sleek, tapered oxfords.

We Saw Men’s Street Fashion First Hand in England & France

While we were in England and France we hit the streets and we walked everywhere, so we had a lot of opportunity to see men’s fashion in a lot of different areas and environments. What we noticed is that for men, street dressing this summer is basically the same in England and France as it is here in Vancouver. My observations included Bermuda & board shorts and mid-calf Capri styles were worn everywhere. Jean’s are a darker distressed denim with lots of detailing on the back pockets and some with print across the rear. Legs are straight or boot cut. All worn with t-shirts and/or collared shirt. I saw very few polo style shirts. 

Shoes for men included everything from various sneaker styles (designed for street wear not active wear); boat shoes and loafers to dressier oxford styles with very sleek styling, tapered elongated toe and a thin sole.

European vs. Vancouver Fashion

I just returned from a working holiday in England and France with my daughter. We had a great time seeing the sites, relatives and the shops. I found clothing styles quite interesting because it used to be that clothing fashion in Europe was at least 2 years ahead of clothing fashion in Vancouver, where I live. Well times have changed and I am happy to say that the gap is closing fast. Many of the chain stores we see here in Vancouver, across Canada and in the US are also in London and Paris. However, I did notice some differences which I will explain in upcoming posts.