Why Keep Your Hands Well Groomed

Our hands are one of the most expressive parts of our body. And because of this they constantly draw attention to themselves. So it is very important to keep them well groomed. For women, this means that nails should be well shaped and filed to the same length. (Yes, that means when one breaks they should all be filed down.) Cuticles and skin should be moisturized regularly with cuticle and hand cream. If you polish your nails use colours that are flattering to your skin tone and keep the polish on the nails rather than the cuticles. Chipped nail enamel is very distracting, looks sloppy and can leave you feeling embarrassed. Always, repair or remove chipped nail enamel right away.

Earring Size Matters

I love large earrings. And I am happy to say that over the past few years they have been making a comeback. However, there is confusion about how big earrings should be when worn for work. Currently, large earrings make a fashion statement. They also make a statement about you. The wrong earrings can harm your credibility, they can be distracting and in some situations dangerous. When choosing earrings for work opt small to medium sized earrings with minimal details to keep attention focused on you not the earrings. Always consider your work environment, your job and the culture of your company and industry.

Not All Jeans Are Created Equal

For many of us jeans are the favourite garment that we throw on without really thinking about it. However, for jeans day at the office, it is important to consider that all jeans are not created equal. Jeans for business casual attire should be stylish and should be coloured denim or dark denim. The style should be flattering to the body shape without being overly revealing. Jeans that are tattered, distressed with uneven fading or with holes should be kept for weekend wear not work wear.

Best Shirts for Business Casual

Many men think that business casual dress includes a t-shirt. Unfortunately at many companies, t-shirts are considered a bit too casual even on casual day. Instead, choose a solid colour polo shirt, a band collar or button-down collar shirt. Camp style shirts also work well but should be tucked in for a professional look. During cooler weather, a light-weight mock or turtle neck sweater look professional. These will give you a comfortable casual look without being too casual.