No Collar is Too Casual

Dressing for work these days can be very confusing; especially in a business casual environment. And one question I hear all the time is how casual is too casual? For men the answer is simple. No collar is too casual. The collar is the key element for a business wardrobe, whether you are dressing in a casual or formal business environment. It draws attention to the face and adds a bit of tailoring even to an untailored look.

Depending on the industry, environment and your goals, this can take many forms or a combination of garments worn together. A sport coat, suit jacket, dress shirt, polo shirt, mock or turtle-neck all fall into this category.

When are T-Shirts Not OK?

Most men and many women I know love t-shirts. And no-wonder, a t-shirt is a short sleeved, knit top without a collar. They come in a variety of silhouettes and necklines.  They are comfortable, easy to wear and appear casual, laid back and easy going. However, all of these great reasons for loving them are also great reason’s for not wearing them to work. When you are trying to impress your boss, a client or show that you are focused, on the job and effective in your work, why would you want your clothing to contradict that message and effort?

Scuffed Shoes Image Faux Pas

One of the most noticed image faux pas is dirty, scuffed shoes or those that are in poor condition. It is also one of those things that people forget about most before leaving the house. The condition of your shoes, are an indicator of your personality and how well you take care of things, no matter what they cost.

How to Choose Your Stocking or Sock Colour

Many of my clients ask me how to choose socks and stockings and the answer is that as the trends change the answer may be different. However, if your goal is for a coordinated look, a classic look or you want your legs to look longer there are some rules:

For a classic men’s wear look socks should be toned to the hemline of the pants. For an even more coordinated look ideally the socks will have a subtle pattern that will coordinate the pant colour and the shoe colour.

To make your legs look longer, tone socks or stockings to the colour of your pant or skirt hemline. This will make the legs look like a column of colour and elongate them.

Stockings can also be toned to the colour of your shoes. This will coordinate the stockings with the shoes. This works best when you are wearing an accessory such as a scarf or another garment in your stocking colour to draw attention towards your face and create more harmony.

Dressing Your Lifestyle

Our lifestyle represents the way we live and because of this we need to make sure our clothing helps us to function well in our living environments. It also needs to function well in the lifestyle environments that represent our goals. As our lifestyle changes so will our clothing needs. The key is to constantly evaluate our clothing needs and don’t get stuck in a clothing rut that may be holding you back.

Be Poised with Good Posture

Great posture can work wonders. It will make you appear more confident and poised; your clothing will fit better and look more expensive; and it will improve your health and your personal image. 

Good posture takes practice and discipline. But, when you walk into a room with your shoulders back, standing up straight, movements smooth, you will look more poised.

Why Network?

It’s interesting because many people are confused about what the purpose of networking is. This can create stress for some and leave others feeling like it was a bad experience. However networking is something that we do every day in both business and social settings. Networking is really just meeting new people and getting to know them. This will help you establish rapport and you never know where that will lead.

How to Apply Mascara on the Lashes – Not the Skin

Applying mascara can be a challenge unless you have a very steady hand and you are not afraid to hit yourself in the eye with the mascara wand. However, as a make-up artist I have found that the following tips help keep the mascara application off the skin and on the eye lashes:

Top Eye Lashes

  1. Look into the mirror not directly at the mascara wand.
  2. Know the length of your lashes. Then determine how much you need to look down while applying the mascara on the top lashes to avoid brushing mascara onto the lid or orbital bone.
  3. When applying, keep your eyes steady while applying a bit of pressure on the wand for stability of the application
  4. Don’t blink! Give your lashes a minute to dry first.

 Bottom Eye Lashes

  1. Lightly brush the mascara wand back and forth over the bottom eye lashes like window wipers on a car.
  2. Don’t Blink! Give your lashes a minute to dry first.

Quick Tip for Long Lasting Mascara

Mascara is a great way to emphasize your eyes and make them look bigger. However the application is also important. As a make-up artist I find that the best mascara application for long lasting results follows these steps:

  1. Looking down apply a coat of mascara on the top of the upper lashes.
  2. Continue to look down slightly focusing on the mirror as you apply a coat on the bottom of the upper lashes.

These two steps will help to seal the mascara and make it last longer. Your eye-lashes will also look more finished and your mascara will appear more natural.

One Way to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The other day a client asked me how to make her eyes look bigger without wearing a lot of make-up. I told her that a simple way to make her eyes look bigger is to curl her eye lashes. An Eye lash curler is an inexpensive tool that is sold at many cosmetic retailers.
eye lash curler

These are the steps that I take to get the best results:

  1. Open the curler
  2. Open your eyes wide and look into a mirror rather than at the curler while going through the following steps.
  3. Place the top bar of the curler on top of your upper lashes (look through the curler while doing this)
  4. Slowly squeeze the bottom bar up.
  5. Hold for about 20 seconds while holding your eyes open
  6. Open the curler and release the lashes

Once you have curled your lashes you can add even more impact with mascara