Four Reasons to Wear a Neck Tie

Many men hate the thought of putting on a neck tie and for many reasons. Some men hate the thought of wearing a tie because they feel they are uncomfortable; some men say they feel too dressed up when wearing a tie; and some men don’t know how to tie a tie-knot. If this is your only reason please see my YouTube videos below on how to tie various tie knots.

How to Tie the 4-in-Hand
How to Tie the Half Windsor
How to tie the Full Windsor

How to Tie the Pratt or Shelby Knot

Here are four reasons why you should wear a tie:

  1. Neck ties complete an outfit and make it look more finished.
  2. You will appear taller and slimmer when wearing a tie.
  3. When worn in a colour that suits you, ties make you look more healthy and attractive.
  4. You appear more credible and authoritative when wearing a tie then when you don’t.

How to Draw Attention to Your Face

When mingling socially or for business the initial purpose is to meet people and carry on a conversation. However, sometimes meeting people can be difficult. A great way to attract attention is with great accessories. For men this could include a tie, braces or cufflinks. For women this could be a belt, bracelet, earrings, scarf, necklace or a broach. However, because the accessory also creates a focal point, the placement should be strategic. To focus attention on the conversation and keeping it there requires focal points close to your face. Use accessories such as a great tie or braces for men and scarves, necklaces and earrings for women to add interest and keep the focus on your face and the conversation.

How to Get the Most Benefit from Your Name Tag

I recently attended a networking function and I was surprised at how many people don’t know how to use a name tag effectively.

A name tag is a great way to help others remember who you are and what you do. However, the size and placement are important.

The name tag should be legible from a distance. When writing your name, use large, thick capital letters. This will make it easier to read.

The eye will be drawn to the name tag so the placement is important. Wear a jacket with a lapel. Many nametags have clips that are meant to be attached to a lapel in order to hang properly.  When attached to a shirt or blouse they ruin the line of the garment and look sloppy.

The name tag is always placed on the right. The reason for this is because when shaking hands the eye will automatically be drawn up the arm to the name tag and then to the face. In a business gathering this should be the target for the focus of attention.

What is Good Eye Contact?

Good eye contact will automatically make you look more confident and show you are paying attention. But what is good eye contact? Depending on who you ask, the answer will be different. Some say about 40% – 60% of the time while others say 70% of the time. The correct answer? I will let you know when I find out.

However, I think the real answer is based on the goal. Keeping your eyes on the person, close to eye level the majority of the time will show that you are paying attention to what is being said. This is perfect for business. Letting your eyes drift down towards the mouth occasionally indicates that you are more interested in them as a person. Save this for social settings when you want to get to know someone better. And you can tell the other person is receptive to the idea. The lower the eyes drift onto the body the more intimate the attention. This kind of attention can make someone uncomfortable and should be reserved accordingly.

Make Thinner Lips Look Fuller

To make your lips look fuller, start by concealing your natural lip line with a concealer. Line your lips just outside your natural lip-line. Smudge the lip-liner onto your lips to soften the look of the liner. Apply the lipstick with a lip brush on your lips and cover the new lip line created with the lip liner. This will create natural fuller looking lips. Using lighter colours and lipstick with a frost or shine will also give your lips a fuller look. If you prefer darker colours add a little spot of a light shimmering colour to the centre of the top and bottom lips. This will add contour and give a more, pouty look.

Make Larger Lips Look Smaller

To make your lips look thinner and smaller, hide your natural lip line with concealer. Line the lips just inside your natural lip line. Smudge the lip-liner onto your lips to soften the line. Apply your lipstick onto the lips keeping the colour inside the new lip line created with the liner. This will create the illusion of thinner lips. Using a darker lip liner and lip stick without shine or shimmer will also make the lips look thinner and smaller.