How to Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

As an image consultant and make-up artist, women are always asking me how to make their lipstick last longer. I tell them to start by applying a concealer on your natural lip line. Next, line the lips with a lip pencil and then thicken the line onto the lips. Take your lip brush and blend the lip-liner onto the lips to soften the liner. Then apply the lipstick with a lip brush. Blot the lip colour. This method will keep your lip colour looking great longer.

Personality Style VS Image

As an image consultant a lot of people ask me to help them define their ‘personality style’. I find personality style really interesting because I think we all know inherently what we like and dislike. The label, ‘personal style’, helps us to communicate about our likes and dislikes easily to other people. It also can create a topic for conversation. In some ways I really like these labels because as an image consultant it creates an easy way for me to describe an identity to a client, in just a few words. One of the concerns I have with these labels though, is that the client is hoping for a magical way of demonstrating this identity. And although it can be demonstrated effectively, this is just one aspect we look at as image consultants. To do a good job for the client, we also need to consider the persons lifestyle, their body shape, their inherent look… Ok, you get the picture. The ideal reflection of you will incorporate all of these aspects, not just the personality. A good image consultant will consider all aspects of what makes you a person then determine how to bring out your best while helping you establish an identity or image that will reflect you while helping you accomplish your goals.

How to Keep Your Business Cards Handy

When networking, rummaging through your wallet or handbag and pulling out a business card that is wrinkled looks unprofessional. An easy way to keep your business cards accessible and appear professional is to keep them in one jacket pocket or in an attractive two pocket business card holder. Keep an empty pocket or pocket in your business card holder for the business cards you receive. This way the transaction will be smooth, it will keep the business cards organized and you will appear more professional.

Choosing a Restaurant – Who’s Choice?

When you invite a client for a business meeting at a restaurant your role becomes the host. As the host it is your job to lead the way and make the decisions, even if you are from out of town. Although it is polite to ask the guest if they have a preference on where to dine, never ask the guest to choose the restaurant. This may put him in an awkward position

Why Wear Colour Effectively?

Colour analysis is a scientific practice that has evolved over the past 100 years, and for good reason. Colour can affect your mood and the moods of others around you. It will influence your perceived size and body shape, as well as reveal your mood, personality and sense of fashion. Not only that, but It can also make you appear healthier and more attractive.

Colour analysis is a great way of determining which colours are right for you and will enhance your personal colouring. It is also a great way to coordinate a workable, versatile wardrobe that can be easily mixed and matched. As you become more aware of colour and relate it to your own colouring and appearance, you can make more appropriate choices that will save you time and money.

Change Your Body Shape with Horizontal Details

Horizontal details or lines in clothing shorten and widen the body because the eye follows the direction of the lines. Most horizontal lines are created by a contrast in colour or texture, as in prints, design details, accessories or tops and bottoms in contrasting colours or tones. Although their power to make you look heavier may tempt you to avoid them altogether, a wardrobe with no horizontal details would be very boring. Instead strategically use them to your advantage. To balance full hips use horizontal details like bateau necklines, yokes and other details on the upper part of the body. This will make your shoulders look wider and your hips will look slimmer.

How to Change Your Body Shape

When we refer to body shape or body type we are usually referring to the silhouette of the body formed by the structure of the hips, shoulders and waist. These three body parts form the shape of the body. There are many different ways that we can describe these body shapes. Some image professionals use geometrical labels. Some personal image experts use letters. And there are many other labels that describe body shapes and types. However, if you consider what they are saying it comes down to the following:

  • The shoulders are wider than the hips
  • The hips are wider than the shoulders
  • The hips and shoulders are the same width and the waist is much smaller
  • The hips and shoulders are the same width and the waist is not much smaller
  •  The hips and shoulders are the same and the waist is larger

Once you have determined your body shape it will make it much easier to decide if you want to dress to emphasize or to camouflage your body shape.

Change Your Body Proportions with Clothing

Clothes can help give the illusion of how we want to appear. If we know how to choose the right silhouettes, lines, fabrics and colours, we will appear more evenly balanced and proportioned. The proportion and line of our clothing must work with proportion of our bodies. The key is to understand our own specific proportions in order to be able to find clothing with the lines and shapes that will enhance our individual body type.