Business Card Etiquette

Even though the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver / Whistler will be a social event for most, there may be an opportunity to exchange business cards. Unfortunately many of us were never given instruction on how to conduct this exchange. Here are a few tips: 

  • Wait to be asked – don’t just hand them out.
  • When asked for a business card it is polite to reciprocate the exchange
  • In many cultures the business card is considered very important. When receiving a business card, take a moment to look at the card before putting it away.
  • Respect the card – don’t just stuff it into your back pocket. Place it carefully into a business card holder or into a jacket pocket.
  • Don’t pull out your pen and make notes on the card. This again is about respecting the giver and the card. 
  • When handing out a business card, the card is held with the print facing upright on the card so the receiver can read it.